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Crazymike's Trivia


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(Quest over, check the results here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/8011-crazymikes-trivia-results/)

PM me in forum or MD with your ID number for a name to get started.

Get names from participating players.

Once collected at least 5 names (some of the names collected might be wrong *wink*), you can PM me in MD. I will then give you a set of 5 questions to answer. You must answer with the names given and who you got the name from before the server resets. The first 3 players to get it right will win a WP.

Note: The questions are always rotating, so different players will get different set of questions.

If you got the answers wrong, you can only ask for a new set of questions when the MD server resets.

I will add at least one ID number of participating players once a day.


To start off.... here is some IDs


Btw, the Ids given is just a leg up, you need to find other participating players yourself. *wink*

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dowe message you the names?

if so how do we know that you wont just give the people you want, the questions you know they can answer by the list of names they give

you know both the list of people participating and the list we give you, so you can provide questions you know we can answer or not

this seems curiously odd

if there is a time limit, i would like if you could answer this to me asap, i know you must be bombarded with a thousand pms though.

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ok so those that are loners and do not talk to others a lot are at a disadvantage.

therefore i should like to say that my Yahoo address is Asterdai@yahoo.co.uk
We can exchange lists on this quest and any other quest of this nature.

Its when this kind of quest comes about that i regret not being in a "community" like a lorerootian alliance, and that i do not discuss MD out of MD :(

(OK ok ill stop moaning! :))

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Oh my god...

My pm inbox is full and cant send anymore messages... .havent got many though :(
this game rocks

not sure what we are supposed to do with the names though...

also i was dicussing with a friend and we think this is rather pointless as we have no idea what the questions with be, or how our gatherd names will help

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Thanks Darigan for answering.

First off, yes, server time as in 00.00

You just ask randomly any players that you see if they have a name from my quest.

The ids are just a help in case you cant find any players who has a name.

Also, I cant give the right questions as I do not what answers you already have. *wink*

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ok call me a cynic BUT

say Asterdai = Flower Power
you could tell me not to pass on my information.

you ask 20 people 5 questions each. in each of those sets of question you put one as 1.Crazymike loves to put something nice in his hair and dance around naked, who is it?
therefore those people will Never recieve WP

and you give your friends questions which are easier for you to answer and ones which you know have "got around"

This isnt foolproof as many other quests arnt.

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A fair question.

Some hold the right answers, and some dont.

If I notice that a player is not giving out the Name I gave, I will pass the name to another player.

As in all quest, there is always the possibility that answers are leaked to friends.

And only friends are given the WP.

Here is another tip to my quest, there are actually 11 questions with 11 right answers.

I give out 5 questions at any 1 time.

It wouldnt be long for you guys to fgure that out.

So I might or might not add another question in the next few days.

I also do not like to give out only 1 WP because of a certain player who is always winning quest *cough*dst*cough*

I try to be fair for all participants, and my apologies in advance if it looks like its not.

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