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Question: Credit Transfer?

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A day or so ago I received a certain amount of credits as a gift from a friend in game. For some reason or another.. it says that I have -3 credits when I know that currently, I have none, as I have used what was given to me.

I have a screen shot attached to this post, and I have a feeling that something has gone wrong with the credit transfer.

Either that, or someone who has my ID is screwing around with me.

Can anyone tell me what has happened here?

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For issues related to credits I suggest you contact Mur (or the newly appointed staff). I have seen negative credits just once: when some of the players abused the credit codes which were given free on an advertising site but back then Mur announced that he has punished them.

Good luck!

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I had -1 credits once, after getting the free avatar that came with unlocking the feature. Wasn't too sure if it was a common issue or not, but it was easily remedied through free credits, not that I can complain anyways, because I've never personally bought credits :P

PS: It's highly improbably that someone can just get your ID number and give you negative credits, seeing as ID numbers are quite a public thing and can be easily seen by anybody through triggers box or PM.

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Pip just gave me an idea:
I just checked the announcements and I need your confirmation:if your items were approved recently (you were talking about pending items some days ago) and you had no credits then this is the explanation:
[quote][2010-04-22 02:29:51 - Alpha 9]
Custom Item Images
Uploading your own image for an item is now possible. It needs to be transparent png, 80x80px size and under 20kb. You can change or add an image for a inventory item in your inventory detail page. Just click the inventory link on the side bar then the details link. These images will follow same approval process as the avatar images. It will take a while untill you will figure out how to export the images but once you do it will be easy. [color="#FF0000"]Adding or changing an item image can be done only by its current owner and costs 1 credit.[/color]
- R

Basically you were charged for the pictures and if you had no credits then..bam! negative credits!

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Ouch, well that explains it. No worries, I will pay.
What I found strange though, is that the -3 balance appeared before the item images showed up.

Still though, shouldn't that be mentioned on the item upload page and not just the forum or in an announcement? This is good to know, and I should have expected some error, as this is my first time attempting to upload an item image.

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