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Land And Alliance Bonuses


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So i had yesterday a thought about the citizenship without an alliance (i did vote for making the citizenship functional myself). The thing is right now citizenship is all essentially good without bad.

So what i want to propose is that the bonuses to be shifted. The timer and max ap/ep (dunno about the land regen) to go to alliance and the remaining land bonuses be influenced by the oneness of the land.

just an idea.


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  • Root Admin

So you feel it is better to change regen and such, which has a less specific impact, in each alliance, and just have some general stats that wouldnt really apply to the lands?

That makes it seem much more general, then as it is currently each alliance has specific stats that their memebrs would use more.

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when i say regen i mean the regen timer (just in case)

You disagree that the timer and the max ap are the most relevant bonuses? Also the lands could have big stat bonus if all the citizens are one the land (at case of war?)

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