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Armor & Weapon Boost

Fyrd Argentus

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First, to increase their importance, let their bonus apply FULLY to EACH creature in the ritual, regardless of where the slider is set.

Then, make it possible to capture equipment. The required conditions would be:
1) A victorious combat
2) ... which is also a 100% death of all creatures
3) The winner does not already have those items.

Obviously if you lose an item, it should be possible to buy it back again from the shop.

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  • Root Admin

i dont really feel this makes it any more intresting, or useful. It just makes rits without ve are more powerful.

Have you consdered how this "armor 100%" would work? the whole idea for the slider is that it will give you more stats if you put in more "power" (ve). this merely makes people who are strong anyway, be even stronger when they dont use any ve. Plus it means that tokened people are stronger as they will also gain the armor boost and their 100% tokens if they use 0 ve.

Also capturing equipment is in my opinion a bad idea (alts/friends giving armor to power noobs up massively, want more annoying noobish Feburary's?) and pointless once you have all the equipment sets.

i dont think these changes are A) intresting B) useful and C) rather unbalanced. It helps token people, and noobs who want to take the joy from new players.

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I think a better way to change it would be to make the stat boost also act the same on the creatures. ie: Sword x increases attack by 50%, creature has 10 attack, after armour boost is applied it has 15 attack.

That said, I think that would be difficult to code, and I see absolutely no point in changing it like that.
Before the armour was changed to act as a % they where only useful to MP3s, but now they are useful up to the early part of MP5. Thier not perfect, but they are good.

I think that if any work was going to be done on the armour sets then it would be best to have sets completed, rather than unbalancing a curently working armour system.

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