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Idea: publicly visible karma value on every player.

Every time a fight ends in a victory, the winner's karma rises by 1 and the loser's rises by 2.
Every time a fight ends in a loss count, the winner's karma falls by 2 and the loser's karma falls by 1.

Reasoning: I give people vics - I'm good, I force people losses - I'm bad.

The pursuit of neutral karma would be a factor pushing the realm into overall balance, not just individual balance.

What do you think?

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[quote name='Burns' timestamp='1285941796' post='69458']
I'm more for fixing honor and balance than add new points where none are needed.

ditto, i think we just need to think of a decent way to fix honor rather tahn introduce something else to make it even more complicated.

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In my head, it'd make sense in that way:
All tokens are set to work with just 50% of their power by default.
By being in balance you can improve your tokens to get full power, steps to and from balance working just like the bonus reward.
e.g. perfect balance makes +50% on token power, summing up to full present power, 1 battle away from perfection makes +47,5%, etc.

As added bonus, you lower the opponent's token power by up to 50% by being balanced. Same system as above, -50%, -47,5%...

Figures base on present full power, which is assumed to stay the same and the base for all %-calculations.

Example of how things work together:
>Perfect balance against off-balance:
tokens of perfect balance work with full power (50% normal plus 50% balance bonus [-the part they lose for being attacker in case]), tokens of off-balance work with 0% power (50%-50%)

>off-balance vs. off balance:
both sides have 50%, no boni for nobody

>balanced vs. balanced:
both sides work on 50%, each gets 50%+50%-50% (normal plus bonus minus opponents bonus)

>perfect balance vs. 10 battles off:
perfect has 50%+50%-25%=75%, 10 off has 50%+25%-50%=25% token power

Sounds evil, doesn't it? I like that...

Why that way? Because for any normal player, it doesn't make much of a difference if their tokens give them full bonus or half, the difference is not _that_ much, and they still could pick if balance pays or not for them personally.
But if people want to play in the highest class with their fully tokened crit-boost rits, they have to play balanced, and therefore leave the newbies alone when they can't afford the honor-loss anymore. And if they don't get balanced, well, then anybody who is can make their tokens practically disappear for their fights.

This is not nice, and a lot of people will hate it, but if one of my weird ideas still makes sense after i read what i wrote, it's definitely worth being posted xD [/quote]

It's a little less evil with skillvampire working, but still evil enough. Me wants that, or an even better idea, implemented. Really.

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