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Getting Into Gg

The Great Pashweetie

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Golemus golemcarium is normally unihabited and many players who play it could never reach it and be perfectly fine. I want to give purpose to this place with a contest for the first 3 players will get a reward the first to reach me in ke'latha.

Prizes purposed:
1st place: 3 wish points
2nd place: 2 wish points
3rd place: 1 wish points

1-3rd place will get a wishpoint.

3S for first
2s for second
1s for 3rd

1s for the first three places

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  • Root Admin

no no no no no no no

thats like free wishpoints for whoever

its a stupid idea because its so easy, AND its total wishpoint Devaulation. Its not even hard!

If this quest ever goes ahead, i will complain as much as i can that it was "fixed" so that certain people will get wishpoints. Quests like these are so simple to rig and i feelt that most of these 5 minute quests are just used to give friends WP's

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i second all of this

3 wishpoints for first place WTF?
no quest gives 3 wishpoints, ONE wishpoint is like rewarded for a first place, in any quests..

let alone something so silly as "meet me in this place"

if it happened in Loreroot to meet someone in the oak tower or something, it would be just as ridiculous.

(the reward for entering GG is obvious, it is to be able to explore the uninhabited place, and study its importance, before being stuck until you find a way out! duhh! :excl:)

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You used to be stuck in GG once you go through the maze. However, if you click one of the pyramids it will take you to the maze once more.

I agree with all stated above.

There is no point. It would be like giving away an A+ to the student in the beginning of the year without them really doing any hard work.

The real reward should be the fact that they can figure out their way through the maze and make their way to GG. I don't think WP incentives will get more players through there. Sure, it would be nice to have a WP, but thing is: What is the lesson that they are learning? It is just like giving away spoilers to someone who asked.

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So now, I guess you've got a hold of the public reaction on this, right?

I won't say your intentions are bad, but I think you should change the prize to anything than a WP. Do NOT put ANY WP as a reward for this quest. WP codes are fine if you wish to, though.., but really the only people who would consider the task remotely a "quest" would be very new players, and they barely need any WP codes.

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[quote name='Harion' timestamp='1286151869' post='69590']
wouldn't you get stuck in GG if you go there?
[/quote] NO, there is now a way to get out of GG ive been there and back as a matter of fact 3 times and have never had to use anything of ordance.

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well you would have been much better off comming to me or grido to talk about such a thing.As we are the ones the are caretakers of golemus
it might have been best to ask us about it. You would have had sound advice from ether one of us letting you know that this would be a way to easy quest to complete.

I would also doubt any one would give WP's for this sort of quest.

I for one would have suggested a diffrent way of running something like this as it is easy to enter Golemus
you could have made it a proper race useing clickable like MasterB did for the GG race he ran a while back
this idea could have been fleshed out much further to add complicated ways of getting into Golemus and there
for give more intrest to the quest.

Sorry but the idea is a bad one from the point of what your proposed
but cxould have been a good one if you had cme to the right people.
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