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Do You Think The Honor System Needs Fixing?


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i'm concerned about the fact that players who give positive honor (those that i can beat anyway) are always hiding in sanctuaries
those that are not are expected to have strong defenses

the only thing i can say is: the honor system is seriously flawed
a new mp5 has only 2 options: gather as many losses until such time he can gain positive honor from attacking others
or hide in sanctuaries
but here's the kicker - most of the old mp5s have losses ranging from 300-400
one i know has 900 losses (very strong and very confident!) considering skill dmg is at 1000 losses
so, to even gain positive honor, one has to
wait for a new MP5 that has more wins than losses (like me)
gather more losses than others, which, if you are weak enough, will make it dangerously possible that you get skill damage
(what if you gather too many losses but can't win when you need to?)
form a training group (oh wait, i believe if you try to form one publicly, it will get destroyed)

what is the purpose of honor system anyway?

well, supposed to be it's to limit the strong from bullying the weak
but as we can see, this has been subverted by intentionally having more losses than wins
it's easier to lose intentionally

idk if i'm not understanding something or if i'm missing something
but what are your thoughts?
it it really flawed? or is it ok as it is?

i think there should be a limit to how unbalanced a player can be
i know the 1000 skill damage is already set but IMO, it's still too large an imbalance

solutions? violent reactions? thoughts?
anyone care to explain to me if i am misunderstanding something?

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The root cause of the problem was that weak mp5s unalterably had their win/loss balance in free fall.

The new aura fix makes it easy to keep a win/loss difference constant, so you can go low if you need to without much worry (if you have the needed creatures).
Study battle mechanics and you should be able to figure it out.
Since you can now reliably get honor by dropping your balance and re-winning, the honor system has been stabilized. The fix has been too recent to see results in the general population already; be patient.

I personally am 500 under balance, and rising toward balance. No honor issues.

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