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Well i was just thinking that so many games have a huge general chat that can be heard from everywhere across md and others can speak. I think it would be nice and there would be a chat filter so that the friends list doesnt become underused, and it could be incorporated into the side chart where the mood panel and all the other stuff is. Tell me if you like this idea!

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That is stupid because (in order of importance)
1) Everybody can hear me
2) I have to listen to everybody
3) It makes absolutely no sense, nobody wants to talk to everybody at once
4) It takes away all sense of hiding
5) It makes (serious) roleplay impossible

Most people don't chat in chat. That's not the point of an RPG. And nobody is so important that the things they do concern everybody, save for the staff, who has green.

One of the most basic points of an RPG is to find the people you wish to talk to. Else it's just a chat client with pictures.

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And to continue along the same theme;

idea has in fact been brought up before, and subsequently turned down rather quickly (i believe). Unless it got deleted at some point or other in the past...2(?) years, you should be able to find it, happy hunting.

This is a role play game, if you want to talk to someone, go find them, don't be lazy

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