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I'd like to look at the possibility of creating a small series based on magic duel. I have a few ideas and just have to get them down on paper. It might boost the games popularity something that we really need to work on as both new and vet players know all too well. What I see here is locating this collaborative effort on [url="http://www.newgrounds.com"]Newgrounds[/url] obviously if you have an account or do any work on it your name will be tagged to it. Now here's where the team work comes in. I can wright it find the music (top floor of the paper cabin) and plan it out but I cant animate it. I don't have flash and because of university when I did have it I didn't had enough time in order to get any good at it.
So if you have skills in animating as uncle Sam of the united states military says "WE NEED YOU".

Wrighter / story boarder: Kamisha
Producer: (ummm we will take any support we can get)
Editor: (open)
Animator: (open)
Secondary Animator: (open)
Tweener: (open)

Ok this is how it works I have to story board if we have a producer they advertise it upcoming and if any rights to anything we use still exist they talk to the people with the rights and see if we can borrow it. I can do that if nobody volunteers.

Editor: The editor acts sort of as my adviser seeing how we can improve something in the base story.

Animator: The main animator makes the bulk of the product and has to be experienced.

Secondary Animator: Looks over the animators work at the end and trys to fix any errors or some mistakes that just are not aesthetically pleasing.

Tweener: I know flash has a tweening program but sometimes it just isn't good enough. The tweeners job is to add a few more frames to make the tween a bit more smooth and realistic looking.

If anybody want to volunteer post here. I'll get to work on the story board as soon as we have enough positions filled to complete a early draft. I would make it a contest but alas I have nothing to give and it will likely last a year at least for the first one. The first one is just an introduction to the realm sort of a little battling using creatures and a overhead view of the lands. Simple enough but still it has to be done properly. The animator positions and the tweener are asked to show some of there work before admitted. I'm looking for a particular style of editing so I want to see what you can do. If you don't have anything to show then make two of your favorite creatures fight each other. I want to see the viewpoint actually move and swivel because it makes it look like more action is going on.
I will likely give preference to animator teams that may work well together because if there work fits the style they are the best candidates. I also don't want to see sticks I have seen way to many.

To avoid droning on too much the title of the first video is "MD: The Realm" to act as a teaser. The others will follow the first but not the same sort of style as the others will actually have story line. Thus if this goes far we may need voice actors.

That is basically it.

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MD is already using Flash i believe. yes, i would want to see more animation myself. it would certainly look great but the servers wont be able to handle it, i think. we have lagging problems as it is but i think its more to do with the servers upgrading. im no techie so i could be wrong. in terms of MD's popularity, i see new players come in ever so often and people have been liking the simple yet awesome black and white atmosphere MD is known for so i dont think we really have a problem with that. thats how i got hooked in the first place :ph34r: . if we need to boost MD we'd have to support it by buying credits so Mur can spend more and continue making the machine that churns MD's awesomeness run better. i reckon. ;)

oooppss... i read your post again and understand now that you want to do this outside MD. well i think that would be cool. :( just dont forget to get a stamp of approval from the powers that be.

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I do understand the reason for using the AL and I will use it after the first creation. The AL does not completely define the world. We need start at the core basics to start with. Thats geology, the sure history that is given too us which is not that much and something that grabs attention. The storyboard im thinking of makes use of this by the angien opening the box. Flash of light fade in and fly over of the net of the box. Include no mans land, loreroot, marnidbell eastern lands necrocron and GG in that order being very basic similar to the what is shown on the front page with a little more detail. This all being in charcoal animation. View point has 90 degree swivel points to top right corner of no mans land zoom in to ground level. Shades and drake horn battle large unnecessary creature battle scene. Shades engulf drake horn zoom out slow northward moment showing the entire map, fade out. Fade in gold letters reading Magic Duel: The Realm with clikable link NO referral as it wouldn't be fair to new players to jump in as a referred addition unwittingly. Gold glints role credits replay button and link to MD.

More to be added as I look through my ideas and see what to put in take out and order. As I said rough idea yet to be refined. The main thing I want to show is the charcoal look to MD. You get rid of the charcoal and start using cool or warm colors the sort of magical feel dies and suddenly it feels commercial and synthesized. Not real and feels like a synthetic copy. I tried color by printing off a page and filling it in with color. I had to throw it away it was just to hard to look at.

To avoid rambling any further. This is what I see in my mind. The first is introductory the others if wanted will follow AL if people see it as a fit.

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I am currently vary busy with Story Night and other such events, however if you are having trouble finding an editor... you may look to me in the near future. If nobody else raises their hand through the vast sea of players... then feel free to message me and I will see what I can do to give you an example of some of my works. :unsure:

(Good luck with this idea. I know projects such as these can be a bit overwhelming at times, but I hope you are able to accomplish what you want to.)

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i'd be less worried about approval from Mur (i don't currently see any reason of objection, so long as it promotes MD or such), and more worried about if Newgrounds mind such blatant advertising? I've played games/watched vids on there before, but have no idea on restrictions there, but since they sell ad space i'd imagine they may not like it overly

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