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HI, I'm new here and found this game by accident... I read some of the stuff on the homepage, little bit of the guide, saw the screenshots and liked them so I thought giving it a try... on the registration page I saw the "referrer code" box and thought that I'd make someones day a bit brighter and ask in the forums if anyone wants to "refer" me... haven't registred in in the game yet- 1 day later shouldn't make much differents... and anyways does referring somebody give you some bonuses?

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When someone gives a reference code to a friend or someone of the like, the following happens:

That person becomes their adept, which is almost like a bonus, in the sense that it allows you to advance in a certain way, of which you will have to find out yourself. ; D

The person who get the adept, will get an additional 15 free credits once that person becomes an mp5, which will be explained within the game.

It is beneficial for new players, such as yourself, to have someone well advanced in the game who is well knowledgable to be adept of. There is a lot to learn, and your Mentor is as big a help as the rest of the community.

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well then... since I found this site all on my own and don't really have anyone's reference code, is there someone who wants to give me theirs... (can't really promise to become an mp5, cause haven't started playing it yet and don't know how well the game "sits with me" and also I have no idea what mp5 is... atm...)

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not making the account just to get to mp5 and to get someone a bonus, because... mp5... don't know what it is... don't wanna get punished... harshly... ok nevermind then... no one gets any bonus... gonna play now, so I can find out what mp5 is... there goes my good intentions ;)

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Dokutaesu, welcome to the wonderful realm of MD. Enjoy everything there is that it offers. Read and learn everything you can, and you will have an advantage over the ones that haven't... which is probably more than people might think. As to a referrer code, that means that you become their adept. Basically, being an adept means you learn from the person that you are an adept of (your mentor). You can change who you are the adept of in game at any time.

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I suggest one of the first things you should do is still find a person to become an adept of because a mentor can still be a help. I had to self teach my self from zero to where I am now because I choose not to make a choice of who to work with. It made me slightly more adaptable but it was a mistake. Also choose your role quickly as it will take a bit of time to build and its good to start early (Example: I'm a demon who possed a body in order to walk the earthen plain). Finally you may want to find a protector who is online often. During the early stages you want to get rid of your heat and protectors do that well.

This you should all do once you get out of story mode. By the way wait the maximum amount of time as it gives better rewards. Its slow and sometimes painful to watch but it does help once you get into the realm.

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