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The Legendary Creature For Sale Don't Miss Once In A Life Time Chance


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Selling a legendary creature of the legendary Army General the great Knator Commander

A Sharptear (premium archer) , fully tokened (!!) , borned before it was officialy discovered, currently with 1059 age

About this archer, the nice part is that on its first transfer it will not lose age, nor fights, nor level!( it is at maxed lvl now)only its first trade, after that it will be normal trade. Ho yes its a First ever Magic creature.


It has fought great legendary and mighty battles, Have defeated the the undefeated Rituals.
It has won more than Thousand battles. and Rumors say it is more than a creatures itself.

Well we want silver or gold only. The starting bid will be 150 silver(15sc=1 gold).
Once we r satisfied we will sell this creatures.
The silver which we gain thru this will be used for a good cause the entire MD realm will be benified from it. Be one amoung those who make things better for the realm by being generous in this trade.
Plz place ur bids here thanks _ Tipu on behalf of Legendary Knator Commander.

[b]The Auction Has ended.
Sold to Clock master for a total of 11G = 165 Sc
Perhaps the Highest trade ever done for a Single creature trade with records.
Yoshi, master b and lightsage thanks a lot but we have just one creature and we need coins badly.
Knator commander himself will hand over the creature to Clock master.

Opps since i got an error message i can't contact Clock master "cos message is full"
so iam posting the message for him
thanks a lot, Auction has ended and we r selling the creature to u. KC himself will hand over the creature.
Stone biter one of ur Guards will come and collect the coins. He is authorized to do so on behalf of knator commander.
Plz let me know ur location so that he can find u thanks.

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[quote name='The Great Pashweetie' timestamp='1288471887' post='71202']
dont buy anything from the commander who has destroyed our once beautiful tribunal lands!

Some things must be torn down, to be built up greater.

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