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has anyone suggested having a record/list of the previous Head Contests/Boss Head Contests winners here in our forum? if none, i propose to our beloved moderators if they can create a thread (like somewhere in NML's Quest Results, or in other suitable section) where everyone can see who were the tournament champions (all 3 mp levels, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th placers). not for bragging purposes, but for adding a little color at the pages in the history of MD.

just a suggestion.

neg reps are welcome as well.

thank you.

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  • Root Admin

Have you seen the massive list of previous winners?

No Mod will be stupid enough to decide to backdate this massive number. If you want to do it fine, It will just be a massive thread for bragging. Nothing more because winning the HC is not history nor does it really have any impact.

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i haven't seen the massive list of previous winners because there isn't any page made for them, that's why i brought up the suggestion if someone (rephrasing [b]moderators[/b] to [b]someone[/b], especially who gives value to such a tournaments) could do it.

ok nevermind, yeah, HC is just a thing for collecting credits and stats and bragging, and not something to look back.

requesting to close thread, thanks

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  • Root Admin

Nad we arnt dis persuading you, But the list is so large and because the format has changed a couple times the sorting and preparing all the data will take a lot of time. And no one really cares that much to do it. Do it if you want, but i doubt anyone else would want to.

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