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[Necrovion] Ravenstrider

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I feel the need to put something on paper, to leave a mark and to clarify Ravenstrider,
not just for others, but for myself as well. I am not a writer, so my words will be simple
and uncompelling, my auto-portrait blurry and incomplete, but I hope at least,
that this imperfect image painted by words will complement my actions and show myself to you.

I am who I am... Human, flawed... Simple and complicated at the same time. What drives me?
What is my place in this realm? Can I dare say for certain?

During my short stay here, I have been called a fool numerous times. I can not deny,
I can act in such a way, seeking to amuse myself, to drive away dullness of this existence. Thus I chose it,
to be my title, to stand with my name. Besides, the sound of it is not unpleasant to my ears.

My sanity is frail and I fear it has been broken already, by this world, or the previous one, I can not tell,
for I can not recall much of my previous life. Thus, I started anew, drawn to Necrovion.
I became a Necrovion Sentinel. You can now find me at the Howling Gates, crouching on the signpost that stands there,
if you can bear the voices... Their screams, their pleas, their curses, their whispers...their horrible whispers. Come, and let's play...

For now, I exist. That is all... Maybe my story will receive more chapters, maybe it ends here. Maybe it ended before I even stepped on the dirty roads of this world. I do not know. It might be that I will never find out.

And with this small definition of Ravenstrider, I trapped myself. I've given something that was once free rough boundaries. Should I regret it? Probably.

Edited by Ravenstrider
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