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MD style likely refers to the fact that you have sent in what appears to be line art. And 'too bumpy' may mean that the image is not of high quality.

I would suggest adding a bit of shading to the blade, and perhaps add something to the subject with a bit more personality to your character in game. I don't think a sword and a shield are suitable alone to represent an avatar, but maybe an item perhaps.

Keep trying. Don't give up! :)

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May I suggest redoing the drawing, maybe using a ruler to make the lines less "bumpy"... (Edit the original drawing, then rescan it. If it's too faded, use the ruler tool in photoshop or gimp to emphasise the lines without the bumpiness, but in this case, add some shading to the drawing, so it doesn't look like it's done in photoshop)

And I've gathered something from the comments on the avatars I've uploaded:

The drawing should be complete (not cut) representation of a character, as detailed as you can make it, not too abstract, which clearly shows that it was hand drawn (shading, lines, etc).
Representations of objects and animals don't get accepted generally... If it's a dragon, a wolf, a mythical being and if it's very well drawn, maybe it will get accepted, but in most cases no...

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I know that I don't draw well, in fact I don't draw at all before play MD. I correct some of my draws, but I still don't get why they are "not MD style".

When I go to avatar section of MD Shop I see really ugly avis that get approved. Yes, think that some of my draws are better. And I really would like to use some of my own avis instead of a cow and a ugly rabbit that I see there.

I know that is much more easy draw some objects than an entire character (that is the reason why I choose to draw some of them), but I saw someone with a kite avi. Then, I ask if there is any problem to draw objects or trees (that are more easy to draw)?

Bellow I put some draws, maybe some people think that the monster with a pirimid head is a very stupid draw, I try to draw a very famous monster (at least, for fans of the movie) of Silent Hill. Of course, the sword is smaller than in the movie, I don't draw very well, then I need to adapted.

I also would like to ask if it's ok to write just the name "MD" in computer, since I forget to draw in the original and I don't have scanner (I pay to use)?

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As Amoran mentioned, they are line drawings. Add some shading to them... Also, the criteria for approving avatars has gone up recently, so there will be less bad quality avatars out there and avatars won't get approved as easily.

One more note: Characters from movies/comic books/manga/ etc. aren't allowed. Characters need to be original. And objects are a no-no, even though they are easier to draw. :)

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