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Leaving For A Long While

Magnus X

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i dont know how else to say this... my sister died today.... shes only 27 and left two kids, age 3 and 1. im still in shock so i have time to do what needs to be done before the reality of it sinks in. im leaving md, for how long i dont know maybe for good. i dont know. md is a good outlet, it means much to me but i dont expect to return to my normal me anytime soon. i dont knpw. i dont intend to tell you my life's story so this goes to whom it may concern.
thank you md, thannk you my guardian family

btw, her name is Chloe. i love her

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it upsets me when anything like this happens, to people in MD or not. I hope when you are ready or feel you can return that your friends will still be here, and im sure that they will.

there not much that i can say, except i am terribly sorry for your loss and how it is going to affect your whole family, they must really need you right now.

although i didnt know you too well in game, Keep strong.

All my love


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I'm sorry for your loss Mag, although interestingly enough, when my brother passed, I got more involved in MD, probably was a bad thing though... still not sure... Anyways, take your time, and we will await your return with open arms.

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]*hugs* I'm so sorry for your loss, Magnus. My thoughts and prayers go with you and the family. Hold the memories close to your heart, and share them with her children as they grow so they can know how special their mother was.

Take the time you need. RL always comes first.[/font][/color]

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I have too felt strongly the loss of a family member, I understand the pain you are going through.

But in times like this it is when we realise the strength we have as humans. You have to take care of yourself and your loved ones more than ever right now.

I am terribly sorry for your loss, but no matter what, unfair or not, she went perhaps to a better place. Keep her memory alive and she will always be there.

I wish you courage in these hard times you are going through and I wish you the best. Should you need anything, we are here for you.

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[b][font="Arial"][size="3"]this is me saying THANK YOU for all of you who have expressed your sympathy. i appreciate it more than you know...... it gives me more reasons to hope in the goodness of people.
my family is more closer now than ever in many ways... :) i thank the cosmos and i thank you my friends :)

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