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Sorry, Newbie Question About Worship.

Wish Ghoti

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:3 Understandable.

How you choose to become someone's adept is simply do the following:

1. Underneath the live help button would be a compass rose looking thingy with a maxed design around it [not sure what that is exactly.]
2. There should be a box underneath your wins and losses that will state: Here is where you can change who you are adept of.
3. Enter in the name of whom you would like to be an adept of and you're set to go.

To Worship:
1. To worship, you must be MP4.
2. Complete step one in the above steps.
3. There should be another box that will say that you can enter a name to worship, and you're good.

When Worshipping, at MP4, you can send heat to your Protector. You need at least 250 or more to send. At MP5 you need at least 500. To accomplish that, you go to the same Compass Rose and there will be a box that will have: Pray (give heat). When you Pray, you send the heat to your Protector to heal people or use other sort of spells. You gain 1 loyalty point which is used to determine Alliance Leaders and also items in shop.

Once you get a Protector, there will be instructions on how to abandon your Protector, the criteria of which you need to do so, and the punishment if you actually follow through.

I hope this helped!

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