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I'm putting this here because more then likely it will turn into spam or flaming and what not hence it goes in off topic. Anyways it's currently 5:24 am in the morning and I've had a tad too much caffeine to go to sleep so I had an interesting idea, I know that a few of you are on Facebook and recently even managed to find Mur on FB and while there are those that dislike the jump from MD community into a social site, I was thinking perhaps it could be another form of advertising for MD and free advertising at that. If you have friends that you think would fit into our community or know someone looking for something different to get absorbed into, direct them to the website or the Magicduel group on Facebook. Just a random thought from an insomniac.


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There used to be 4/5 MD groups, all relatively inactive ofc (cba to find them now, but it's pretty easy to)
I'm pretty sure Facebook policy allows Mur to request the groups to be deleted, that would be his prerogative though

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  • Root Admin

want my point of view?...
in over ten years of working in the website developing business i never had a hotmail, msn, facebook and other such popular accounts. I open twitter recently but its kind of deserted now, and i made a facebook account that scares the hell out of me with all those people and pictures and messages and CHAT ...as if my time was not full already.

Funniest thing, i get an invitation to MagicDuel facebook (or friend add or something like that) ...i was like ..wtf..*blink*..magicduel facebook...with md logo..with screenshot...i was almost afraid to look deeper maybe owner name was Mur *blink*

I am deprecated when it comes to social media and such things :)
Yes i can get the account back, as i did with twitter, but i am lacking initiative on this because i know i wont have time to run it.

I know for some of you facebook is like a definitory part of your life anc character, and you might be shocked i don't know by now what a "WALL" is ..irony

side note:
first text on that page reads: "This stuff is amazing! My best friend Jessica did the same diet and lost an incredible amount of weight.."

now that is scary :))

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Yes that group had become over run with advertisments and the admin hadn't been seen in ages, so I started a new group in hopes of keping it up and running and for those that spend as much or more time on facebook then md to be kept in the loop and also a way to advertise md to the"outside" world.

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