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Editorial Policy - People in the News

Fyrd Argentus

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This is the place to post articles of a more factual nature, including political commentary and analysis.  This is our vehicle for highlighting the political and social activities in the realm, in pursuit of the Legend Speakers mission to breath life and color into the realm, by glorifying (or vilifying) the people and events of our time.

The more you post, the more chance you have of being noticed and rewarded.

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2021 update - new era of LS
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You state that writers will be compensated. With a pickle point. Care to explain how this is done exactly? (how much do you need to get an actual tangible reward? What types of reward are there?)

Also, is it allowed to provide more questions in a topic, once it has been started, without editorial consultation?
Besides that, is it allowed to just make small comments and remarks, which lean more closely to reminiscence, or vague rumours, rather than an actual story?

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The pickle point system is explained on my Q doc and is used for rewarding my quests and riddles, and for finding bugs in my code. 3, 6, 9, or 12 pickles gets rewards of coins, creatures, etc. in increasing value up to 5 credits or 1 gold for 12 pickles. One pickle can additionally be awarded for simply participating in chat and asking for it. I keep records of pickles awarded in off-line format.

I welcome input added to a thread to add tips or new dimensions that would be helpful to those interested in the story, or writing it.

I'm asking people NOT to start a new thread in The Tabloids without consulting with me. Obviously writing style is a major issue here, and I've already got my fingers burnt on that score....

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  • 7 months later...

I tried for humorous entries when I first set up People in the News. It was not well received. Xreig is now experiencing the same thing. Humor does not translate well across languages and cultures - or even through the digital media across country for that matter.

Sadly, it seems that our critics are only going to accept serious pieces. Humor and satire can be wonderful literary tools.

The whole point of "People in the News", to me, is to provide an enjoyable way for new players to learn about older players, and about cultural and political movements in the realm.

The distinction between bullets and paragraphs is not so important. What is important is whether people are going to read it, and the next one, and the next one..... and get something out of it.

The current ongoing contest is an attempt to breath life into this effort once again.

To the extent that our critics are constructive, and help improve the writing and its effectiveness in achieving the above goal, we thank you.

I wish to thank all the writers for putting forth their creative efforts. This needs to be encouraged. As long as we have good volunteer critics, I will be less critical than I might otherwise have been.

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There is a difference, Fyrd, between humor, and satire, and simply insulting someone.
I find Xrieg's post to be nothing but rubbish and complete trash. But that is just my opinion.

Someone could easily write a witty post about someone without it coming across as rude, but in this case, Xrieg has completely failed to do that.

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The form of the post clearly indicates its subjective character. It was written based on several direct and indirect (->witnessed) interactions - and it reflects my opinion. And it seems it's clear our opinion here... differ. It would be interesting to see how many critical commentaries would be considered just by their subjects in newspapers.
Please send me PMs (younger players especially) about how unbased and insulting I was, and Curiose in your interactions is really a pleasant, timely, and quiet person as Mur's helper (? apparently tag is misleading). It may be I am prejudiced/ caught Curiose on some bad days in her life.

LE After some considerations: I do not think these two posts are relevant to editorial policy. maybe they should be moved elsewhere - i.e. original post

Edited by xrieg
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Actually, I am.

If you have even bothered to talk to the people who have actually done business with me, or even knew me from when I started and hence forth, you would have actually KNOWN that like everyone else, I have my moments.

So again, before you start writing complete fallacies about me, get your facts right.

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  • Fyrd Argentus changed the title to Editorial Policy - People in the News

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