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Food Services In The Realm

Fyrd Argentus

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The Wind and Rain Pub in Wind's Sanctuary was once the most hopping and deeply developed social gathering place in the realm. Now it is mostly a place to sleep in safety. Windy's twin sister Sagewoman runs the Inn in the DQ where morning coffee is served with royal pastry baked by Firsanthalas himself. I've seen Phantasm brooding alone over his ale in the Pub in the far east with the very long name. The Cake Eaters have begun a regular picnic circuit, and I have witnesses some very hot-summer-day blanket feasts underneath the Willow tree. ;)

For those of you who like witty conversation over tea and crumpets - what are the choices? Our readers want a review.


This space is reserved for the first/best insightful story selected that addresses the above topic in an entertaining yet legally defensible way.

If your submission is selected, you will be rewarded with the honored byline and a pickle point (worth more than a silver coin).

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