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Entries For Soe Research Quest

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First entry: *From: *Shadowseeker* (ID:50659)

SoE- Seekers of Enlightenment?

The first thing to notice when observing the crest is the merged picture of the sun corona around a crescent moon with a single star.

This is the first hint towards duality, and also one towards the mind.

I shall explain the general duality of this crest first. Dualism, as it occurs for the angiens as well, is represented not only by the contrast of the respective symbols for day and night, it also incorporates the Yin-Yang symbol into it as well.

The single burst of the corona on the left side is one. The star in the darkness is the second. Each of these two represents the "minor" yin/yang which exists apart from the major, and can be found even inside the yang/yin. Of course, this is my view on this symbol, but I am willing to defend this thesis.

That the alliance bearing this crest now seeks enlightenment from the angiens has a deep connection as well.

The mind...as one may or may not know, the lands of Marind Bell have a deep connection with the carnival. And that's where the symbolism of sun and moon comes to fruit, it is also about the consciousness and unconsciousness.
The night represents the unconsciousness, while the sun the active mind. That both are linked and tapping into one may end up in/require tapping into another is also a hint.

Not only is it any moon, it is a crescent moon..partially uncovered, yet still hidden. A symbol for the seekers on their path, not knowing how far it will reach.

Seekers of enlightenment- Given that the symbols used are those worshipped since ancient times for the light they give (be it the sun or the moon reflecting it, or the tiny stars) gives the name a literal touch as well. Enlightenment about angiens, dualism and the mind as such? In a sense this and only this crest would fit as much."

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From: Fyrd Argentus (ID:187066)

SoE Quest by Fyrd
Seekers of Enlightenment Crest
by Fyrd Argentus

At first glance we see the crest as a representation in medieval style of an eclipse. We are invited to laugh at the nose on the Man in the Moon, and the fact that a star was placed between us and the moon. We feel superior in our scientific understanding of astronomy, and discount the ancient wisdom of those before us who used the stars they knew as a tool for framing their understanding.

And so pride goes before a fall. Ever the closed mind is the barrier to enlightenment.

A more careful observer notices the shadowing on the back of the Man in the Moon’s head. Suddenly there is a perspective change. This is not an eclipse, this depicts a hole in the sun through which we are observing a moon and a star beyond. This sequence, sun to moon to star, represents a progression in understanding from the most familiar to the most remote from the human mind.

Enlightenment is about looking at familiar things and seeing them in a new way. This Crest embodies the process of conceptual blockbusting to achieve a higher level of understanding and insight. It uses astrological symbols to represent the constant challenge we face to climb and transform in a way that expands our minds and grows our spirits.

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*From: Esmaralda (ID:195746)Days:128

Quest - Symbol research
Hi Emerald Arcanix,
This is my interpretation.

--The flames in the background.--
Fire is used to destroy and also create. Old incorrect knowledge is destroyed and through that destruction new knowledge is created. (e.g. belief that the world is flat had to be destroyed in order for belief that the world is round to be accepted). The flames don't fully encompass the circle to show that the work is not finished, the knowledge is not all know (there is still room left to burn).

Fire also can mean passion (good or bad). This may also show that this group is passionate about its quest for learning.

-- Circle -- the most perfect geometric element
This can also mean many things. For one, it can depict a united group of people where everyone is treated equally (so perhaps the opinions of the members of this group are all treated as equal and given the same consideration).
It can also show that knowledge is infinite and the more you learn then more you find that there is further yet to go. There is no limit to knowledge, just like a circle is unending as it doesn't have a beginning nor an end.

-- Within the circle --
This could be a stylized representation of a moon and stars. It could elude to the old saying of 'Reach for the moon, because if you don't make it you'll land among the stars". It could simply urge its members to give all the got in their search for whatever knowledge they may be grabbing for.

It could also be a stylized representation of dark and light, yin and yang, to show that all things are interconnected, and thus all knowledge is interconnected. As such, each new piece of knowledge can lead to a discovery in a completely unrelated field.

In this end, I think this can be summarized in one sentence:

All things pass, but knowledge is eternal.

Edited by emerald arcanix
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*From: Millenium (ID:206916)14 days

The sun represents the seeking and the consequent light represents the seeking of knowledge
The moon (knowledge) is divided in 2 parts:
The part that that is lit by the sun (knowledge that is known, and that is in the light – is/was already discovered)
The dark side - the unknown, which is still to be lightened by the sun, while searching for that knowledge
The star which represents the preciousness of the knowledge that hides in the unknown


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*From: Brulant (ID:207201)16 days

Seekers of Enlightenment Crest Research
I'm still new to MagicDuel and not in the best of health today, but I'll take my best crack at this *smiles*

First of all I'd like to deconstruct the alliance crest into it's basic components of the moon, the sun, and the star.

I believe the moon represents inward thought. In Indian mythology the moon is said to rule our senses and our emotions and inward thought, in other words it is the face of our subconscious mind because our emotions and senses are created and controlled without conscious thought. We don't know why we feel anger or smell something good, we just do. The moon is said to be fickle and changeable in almost all global mythology, represented in real life by the waxing and waning cycle that it goes through. Emotions are also fickle and changeable, further linking inward thought to the moon.

The sun is the opposite of the moon, it represents outward thought and steadiness. Prominently in Celtic mythos they believe that the sun radiated a sense of firmness and unchanging purpose and strength because the sun simply is. It rises day after day regardless of weather conditions, the behavior of humanity or the placement of the heavens in the sky. It traverses it's path, always giving light and asking nothing in return. The Universal Language of the Mind links the sun to awareness in our superconscious mind because of it's constant presence in our day to day lives.

The star, after some research, I don't really believe plays a main focus in what the crest suggests to me. In Tarot (from personal experience), the Star represents hope and bright prospects in the future, which I think contributes to the crest some, but not importantly in my overall meaning. A star can also mean achievement in Northern European symbolism which also plays a part in any alliance, but, again, I do not see it as important as the sun or moon.

Now, what the sun and moon mean when they are put together. Because the sun is external thought and the moon is internal thinking then together they must represent all thought together, or a heightened state of awareness in which you are in complete control of all that is you. Pagans also believed that together the sun and moon represent a duality that is a balance, a concept that underlies much of what MagicDuel seems to be about (remember, I'm new!). In chinese the sun and moon symbols together translate as "brightness" which in latin (a language I took for 6 years) is "serenus" which shares a dual meaning with enlightened/tranquil! So, all in all, I believe the alliance crest represent a balance, a steadiness coupled with a suppleness, and the ability to achieve enlightenment through balance.

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*From: Pipstickz (ID:29677)

In Marind Bell, one may find many references to wind. There are also references to wind in one's first steps in the realm. Marind Bell is mainly represented as a bright place, and therefore usually associated with "Good". This can be seen in the titles of it's alliances.
"Knights of the Bell" vs. "Tainted Warriors": Knights are often associated with honour and good deeds, while Warriors are associated with those who fight for the sake of fighting. "of the Bell" suggests that they have a clear and defined purpose; to fight for "the Bell", while "Tainted" refers to something that happened in the past, therefore not giving much insight into the present. "Seekers of Enlightenment" vs. "Necrovion Sentinels": SoE has a clear and defined purpose again; to Seek Enlightenment, while NS must only guard Necrovion, which obviously should come with the job anyways, should it not?
Next up is the creatures. For Marind Bell I will speak of the Heretic Archer and the Angien, since the other two creatures are with you at their birth, and so pre-disposed. The Archer serves you to find vengeance against the Gods, but later finds a passion in serving you to fight and forgets his earlier wish. Does this not seem like something inherently "evil"? The Angien, while you are the one to hatch it, does have a personality of its own, as seen by the way it uses it's ability. Angiens can inflict major damage against their enemies, but at the same time they inflict pain on themselves, which begs the question: why? My mind says guilt. Angiens know that they are not so different from the Shades and so they punish themselves. Of course, this assumes that Angiens understand such concepts; I can't truly know.
For Necrovion, I will speak of the Unholy Priest and the Tormented Soul. They are similar in that they are both meant to balance fights, but in different ways. The Tormented Soul has the same ability as the Heretic Archer, but it does not use it as well as the Archer does, because it has another ability; to limit whoever has the upper hand in the way of stats, whether that is you or your opponent. While the Archer finds passion in serving you, the Soul will do as it pleases with it's unique ability. Nearly opposites, as I see it, yet they still share the same ability. As I said earlier, the Unholy Priest has a similar ability to the Tormented Soul, except it will not take from you as it's owner if you have the upper hand. There is a downside to using the Priest; it will sacrifice it's own energy to benefit the opponent. Like the Angien, it has an outcome-changing ability, but to use it, the Priest punishes himself, but unlike the Angien I do not believe that the Priest does so out of guilt. I believe that the Priest simply becomes accustomed to the pain, and learns not to let it bother him. So, at first glance these pairs may seem similar, and they are, but at the same time they are not.
This all leads me back to the conclusion that Marind Bell is a land of duality, two states of being; in other words Marind Bell and Necrovion are not two sides of the same coin, Marind Bell is a coin on it's own. Perhaps, though, Marind Bell and Necrovion both belong on both sides of the coin. If you believe what's above, it's not a long jump to believing that Marind Bell and Necrovion could easily be the same thing in a different outfit. That is what the logo represents.

There you go

Pipstickz asked me to forward this to Emerald, which I did. (if it is a problem me posting people's entries who couldn't reach Emerald (if he has internet issues like before) just delete my post)

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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*From: Eldar Doomspell (ID:208603) age:21 days.

SoE symbol contest

even though I might not have that deep insight into this realm yet I will try to give you my perception so far.

The symbol of SoE seems to symbolize many things. I see the very fundamentals of this realm in this symbol, the principles. The white and black have for a long time to us been known to symbolize equilibrium. The balance of everything. Life and death. Darkness and light.

I see the the sun gaining power (entropy) behind this eclipse. The eclipse is the representation of something occuring, an event. The principle of time. This also refers to cyclicity since we know it will happen again as this is something we see many times during our lives.

You can also see there is a battle between the white and black bending each other. Good and evil. Both have to exist to survive. They are eating each other, syntrophy and transpositioning.

I see the star (representing the purpose of SoE in this realm) in the darkness that keep shining, searching in the endless eluding mystery.

The balance in this simple also represent the neutrality SoE believe in. Here again we can see the star watching and observing from the distance but at the same time fully present, the conflicts between the good and evil. In this matter that they stand neutral, wanting to get into every knowledge they find, into the center, the four tips of the sunfire represent the center and the four direction, north, south, west and east. Or perhaps other axises in this realm.

Eldar Doomspell

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*From: xrieg (ID:208902)

Seekers Of Enlightenment Research Quest - entry
The crest shows crescent moon white crescent on navy blue circular background. The moon has a nose-shaped appendix on the inner side. Single star is next to the moon. The disc is surrounded with yellow flame-like pattern. There are flames every 7.5 degree around the right hand side, but only a single flame on the left hand side. All lines and colors are pure and simple.

There are several meanings one can deduce from the items used and their setup. Symbols are important also by their omissions.

First - the crest shape. It is roughly circular and does not include any trade-associated tools. All items there are representations of objects associated with abstraction. Consequently the guild using this crest is not a trade or war guild - or at least those activities are not their major characteristics; not important enough to use it on the crest. There is no objects assocciated with leadership - temporal (i.e. crown) or spiritual (i.e. pastoral, pointed hand, eye).

Next - lines and color used. They are both pure and simple; well-defined and light. It sybolizes purity of goals and simplicity od means, rejection of evil represented by broken/ dark colors and elaborate lines.

With high level design features discussed, one can analyze each and every symbol used. There is ancient trio: Moon, Star and Sun (only crown visible from behind the disc one can associate with full moon). They represent far away, mysterious, powerful and life-bringing entities, the trio were Gods of many cultures and religions. Used in a guils crest they indicate the knowledge and understanding as a major goal of guild.

The most prominent feature of the crest is crescent moon. Crescent moon is a symbol of light brought to a darkness of night; hope and good to the realm of evil - hence it is often used as a 'ward of evil symbol'.

Symbolism of celestial bodies in MD realm is a bit different than on Earth - one should not forget there is no day-night cycle in MD; only eternal day. There was only one night experienced so far - and hence they do not represent the Lifecycle, but as the memory of the cycle still lingers in all of us, their unchanging nature (and maybe even more - the single night so far) is a mystery - and the mystery/ unknown (and the way to understand them) is central to the Seekers.

Each detail of the crest have a meaning; the crescent moon has a 'nose' on the inner side. This hument feature symbolizes another aspect of the guild - people centered. Good and evil make sense only when related to consience; they are meaningless otherwise.

Finally, the relationships between symbols used. The sun disc is obscured by the moon; showing that not everything one encounters is obvious and clear from the beginning. Sometimes in order to see its true meaning one should consider carefully everything and deduce from finite number of information and hints; sometimes the true meaning is obscured my misinformation. The message is further enhanced by the unfinished look of Sun's crown - the 6 flames representing the crown are missing and one deduce their presence from other symbols of the crest.

PS I did not include it in the symbolism of the crest - I have not enough MD age to judge validity of the perspective/ or knowledge-understanding of MD world and mystery (->storyline) to be sure of the interpretation:

The endless day, as bright as it is, is an unnatural phenomenon and a sign of violation upon the world. It is a frozen world, with major Lifecycle driver stopped. The single night, represented by the eclipse may be considered a sign of hope, that the nature of the enchantment would be understand and the spell lifted, making the Lifecycle whole again (or: for the first time in MD world).

Edited by emerald arcanix
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Sent Today, 12:53 AM
Behind all of the realm, and lands of Magic Duel, there is the ever-burning Sun.
When we idle and rest our eyes and mind, the Sun burns. When we gather heat, and explore the unknown paths before us, the Sun burns and lights the way foward. It illuminates the way backward. It burns. It IS.

(insert image of crest here)

In times past, there are records of Night coming to the realm of Magic Duel, though the reasoning for that is, by me, unknown. Yet, such an event stands in stark contrast to the Everburning sun, and thus, this crest-sun is eclipsed. What eclipses the Sun, to me, is an interesting question, for it has a few subtle answers in my mnid, and I am unsure which holds most merit.

While in other worlds and realms, the Moon may circle above and hide the sun's light, the realms of Magic Duel are bounded by laws and Leys quite different from the one most known to us as players. Instead of a celestial crescent, I see in the whiteness two things.

First, it may be the spreading wings, artistically stylized, and similar in form and function to those of Wind's Sanctuary itself. The central peak, while faceless and pointed, balances the spreading of white wings across the sun's dark disk. In this, I am unsure what the small "star" and it's embedded cross may represent, beyond a similar symbol of unknown, leading the viewer to seek it's meaning, without perhaps having such meaning hard-set behind it's inclusion. This, would present to my mind, a wonderful irony, and rapier wit on the part of the crest's origins and representation. In this perspective, the Light of the winged structure still hides the Sun's full appearance, as a more immediate and viscerally physical fact of the realm.

Secondly, if the orientation of the central disk is reversed, so that left-most corresponds to upwards in our perspective, I see in the white the spreading branches of a willow. The star, glowing with it's darkly crossed core, relates interestingly to the Willows Walk and Agien's Ferry scenes, with the star a glowing egg, holding within it it's opposite, only hinted at with distance. Likewise, above the Ferry's starlight, the Willow watches over the dark bed where Willow may walk dead nightly. Perhaps this star may even, with that thought, represent the grave and body of Willow, at rest beyond the dark waters of Willow's Walk. This may require further study, and more up to date records than those I have been able to procure myself.

In both perspectives that I have, while the flames and influence are seen, the face of the sun is still obscured. If Agiens, as I understand them in my own limited and inexperienced fashion, oppose the shades and guide the matters of Marind's Bell with faceless force, then this may well fit the symbolic nature of that effort. Likewise, if the Sun watches nad is a window or glimpse into the Great creative force that brought us boldily to the realm of MagicDuel itself, then this still holds true

Both of these interpretations seem suitable, and yet still keep a sense of mystery beyond their meanings, while still becoming a balanced and appealing visual badge for the group it represents.

In amusing musing,

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1) The plus symbol inside the circle represents urself (SOE members)
2) U r surrounded by darkness.
3) The light trys to engulf the darkness with the help of the fire outside the circle.
4) Thats why the fire is concentrated around the region of darkness and not at the region of light.
5) The lone single flame in the region of light represents that the SOE alliance will still continue to enlighten u even if u r in the region of Light. There is no end to the Knowledge u will gain thru the SOE alliance.
6) The circle represents that once u r inside Soe u will be enlightened from all paths and directions.

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From: VonUngernSternberg (ID:199085)

Hello, Emerald
here is the output of my research. I tried to put into the symbol the few things I know about the seekers of enlightenment. That's really not much, so the argumentation is a little vague. But I see it as a start. Hope I will deserve the indications to adjust the direction of my research. It would be the better reward...

Let's start with the four-pointed star on the right side. This can be interpreted at first as a representation of individual as the equilibrium of opposing forces: past-future, emotional-rational attitude. There could be another aspect adding further significance: the four pointed star can be seen also as an eight pointed star with four inwarded points. This means introversion and could stand for meditation. So maybe the subject of the picture is not the generic man but the seeker of knowledge.

Let's move to the second sign: the waning moon. Here we have a representation of divinity, intended at least as sum of positive attributes (light, truth, beauty...).

The right dark half contrasting with the moon represents the space of consciousness,the constructions of words that the individual builds to represent reality. The two halfs are neatly separated and shape one each other, together they compose man's existance.

So the overall interpretation of the picture could be the following. There's no way to reach truth by chasing it, because the individual is separated from it by his representation of reality. The only hope to get in touch with divinity is by setting the mind into the right mood to receive it, and this can happen only through meditation. Manifestation of divinity is represented by the third horn that departs from the central part of the moon. Such an event must necessary be through a distortion of reality, a modification of the shape of consciousness. Angiens could have a role in this,and that could be the reason for the interest on them.

Had some problem to give a meaning to the crown of fire surrounding the circle. Maybe it could represent the bell of fire that hovers on Marind Bell and so allude to the home of the alliance itself.

Otherwise it could represent the vital energy produced by the strain between the two contrasting halves. This may be enforced by the second possible interpretation of the waning moon as representation of ciclicity and regeneration

Another problem could be the fact that divinity is being considered inside existence and not transcendent to it. There could be two explanations to this, one excluding the other:
1-existence can be defined as the sum of all events that determine the individual (not implying awareness of them), so it must necessarily include also divine sphere.
2-Moon only reflects light, so the real source could still be transcendent. This could be another interpretation for the crown of fire...

Von Ungern-Sternberg

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Sent Today, 01:44 AM
I realize I am sending this through forum pm, I almost forgot about this. Pazur is currently in the Graveyard with the Necros, so it makes it tough to find you in game as I cannot easily return there. I will send a copy to Chewy in game. If this is not acceptable, please let me know

This is entirely last minute; please excuse the scattered thoughts that follow. These are simply my opinions, not a declaration that they are correct. I know these are incomplete, and unpolished, thoughts born at the last minute

The flames represent the sun, the circle the moon. This ‘moon’ could also be an angien egg. The Moon is part light and part dark seemingly representing this in MD. Darkness, light; shades, angiens; tainted and pure angiens; Necro and MB. The light seems to be piercing into the darkness, maybe meaning knowledge and wisdom piercing into ignorance. This could also be representative of the Tunnel of War, a path into the darkness of Necro. The single flame on the light side may represent the clarity of Knowing and Truth

Fire and a halo of light are often symbols of illumination or enlightenment. The ring of fire is not complete which could mean seeking enlightenment. The half ring may also represent the dome of light that surrounds Marinds Bell. This half ring completely surrounds and contains the black part of the circle, perhaps a representation of the dome containing the darkness in Necrovion. It also may mean that through ignorance and darkness, illumination is found

The plus sign is a symbol of the balance of the four lands. The empty area around it, a balance to this balance. Possibly representing the idea that angiens, and shades, are in balance while simultaneously balancing each other. This could extend to the balance of the four lands, each are in balance and balance each other as well. It may also be the balance hidden in the unknown, the three points of the light moon seeking this

Putting this all together as a whole symbol, I see balance. Seeking to understand the balance that exists in MD

Thank you for taking the time to read through my silly, scattered thoughts ^^



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  • 3 months later...

I apologize for taking this long to finish this

this are the winners picked but us:

Brulant: a wp

xrieg: a wp

Maebius: a bloodpact archer

Fyrd Argentus: a bloodpact archer

please seek me out in Winds Sanctuary to receive your prize

this entry's are only more interesting now that this was announced:

[2011-04-16 02:31:21 - Stage 10]
Marinds Bell - Coat of Arms assigned
The new symbol to mark from now on the Marinds Bell mainland is the symbol currently used for the The Seekers of Enlightenment alliance. Additional elements might be added to the symbol for its final form. The final form will be communicated to the land leader when done. The logo will appear in the interface or in places around the real, as needed, over time.
Note: The ally symbol contains colors and details not needed in the clean symbol, just the form will be almost identical. Artists are free to interpret, create flags or artworks based on that symbol but they are requested not to add things that might change its meaning.

thank you all for your support

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