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Aysun - Reason For Ban


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Asyun was banned from Necrovion for multiple reasons. Initially I had warned her against insulting people inside Necrovion and saying they did belong there, as she did with Amoran when she was at the Accursed Growth. Aysun had no reason to say that Necrovion despised Amoran for being there, yet she did. After I warned her multiple times, she refused to stop doing so.

Aysun also spread false information about how Necrovion worked to players, and after I corrected the information Aysun chose to continue spreading it. As King I cannot tolerate players in my land working towards the ignorance of others regarding such important knowledge.

These alone would have been reason enough for me to exile her, but Pamplemousse was defending her, back when I was listening to Pamplemousse's advice. She said she would take on Aysun and train her not to present things as fact when they were clearly false, but Pamplemousse failed to change how Aysun acted.

As soon as Pamplemousse was no longer Queen (which is explained elsewhere) there was nobody to protect Aysun. Aysun chose that day to publicly insult me and to blatantly spread false information, so she was banned.

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