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Mp3 Vs Mp4


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So I can soon choose to go Mp4 I think, just need some moar experience or whatever.

Anyways: My current status is lots of crappy creatures, yet to beat the loreroot guardians, and no real understanding of the fighting system.

Are there any benefits to stay at MP3? Now I can fight other crappy people, not an option I have if I advance I assume.

Input us appreciated.

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Mp3 is a stage intended for you to learn, and explore the basics of the game. Each Mind Power means more features, and consequently more difficulty.
If you reach the requirements, I don't see why you shouter advance. However don't accelerate the progress juts to advance to another level. Try to do and
learn the more you can at each level :D

(Also, there are many creatures out there that you can train :D)


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Every time you decide to move up a level EX: from mp3 to mp4 or from mp4 to mp5

you are most likely a little guy compared to some of the players with more experience than you that are also in the same mind power level.

It is normal to not be on the same level as people with more experience than you.

Strive to obtain a variety of creatures and learn to take a few more losses than usual. If you keep training then perhaps.. you will be on the top of your mind power level as far as strength goes.

And then.. you get to move to mp5 ^_^ yay

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I recommend you find a mentor in the fighting system. A little knowledge will serve you well. Also the fight logs are more detailed and easier to comprehend now than they have ever been, so I strongly encourage you to review your fights and analyze them.

The main advantage to staying at MP3 is that you will find opponents [b]mostly[/b] of equal strength to your own. There are a few major exceptions, as some players choose to remain at lower mind-power levels for quite a long time. I personally have never really appreciated the attraction of doing that. I was MP4 before I beat the Loreroot Guards; once upon a time, that was quite common, and people managing to beat them at MP3 were somewhat rarer than they are now.

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Mp3 is the designated "Learning" stage as BFH has stated above. While Mp4 is also a learning stage, it is more advanced in the learning than MP3 because the mechanics, as stated above change. MP5 is stated as the "ultimate fighting" stage. Here, you have a complete grasp in the fighting system. MP6 is considered as a "Protecting" stage. In this MP level, it is the role of the Protector to basically protect its adepts and worshipers. There is another stage, however, I am not sure if that is labeled a spoiler or not.

Let me make a chart for you.

-Learn the basics of the game
-Gain basic creatures to train
-Learn a bit about the game and how things work.
-Small pool of people to fight.
-Become an Adept

-Gain a bit better creatures through upgrading and constant training.
-Get to learn how to gain heat/store it/give it to Protectors [when applicable]
-Access into alliances*
-Larger pool of people to fight/harder time keeping balance**
-Gains of a Protector
-Better stats ***
-Better grasp at the game
-Ability to fall into stat loss

-Strong creatures through access gained in Story Mode
-New areas to explore
-More principles
-Vast knowledge of the fighting system and overall mechanics of the game.
-Better stats through Story Mode
-Ability to go for MP6

-Strong creatures
-Very little access to fighting unless in an alliance.
-Cannot gain loyalty
-Gains spells to use to help people
-Collects adepts and worshipers
-Gain heat through worshipers to cast spells

*While you can get into Alliances as an MP3, it is preferred that you get into one as an MP4.
**You have a harder time keeping balance, because the large pool of people you can fight which are mostly Mp5, and have very strong stats. Many are veterans. You cannot be protected by the rules at the Sparring Grounds either in an alliance.
*** You also gain stats by entering in an Alliance, such as a larger amount of action points to move in, including small stats gained by different territories you enter based on your alliance.

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This is a little Off topic but i'd just like to point out that you can indeed gain loyalty in mp6 (if you are in an alliance that is :P)


>>@ Curi<<
It isn't so hard.. depends on the player i suppose.
You'd probably be shocked to hear of how much honor some of the alliance members in my alliance gain after so much fighting xD

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I would absolutely recommend trying Mya's mp3 quest. In addition to learning a lot about the realm, you will spend time as an mp3 in different places and contexts. I am almost at 100 AD and I have been ready for mp4 for most of that time. I am not going to mp4 until I complete her quest and possibly defeat the loreroot guardians (which I may be ready for).

I certainly learned about lots of mistakes I made as mp3, which I am not keen to repeat at higher mind power levels. I will make NEW mistakes at those levels :) Take time to learn. Slow and steady and balanced is the key here (I think).

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[quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1291878052' post='74911']
I'd also suggest balancing yourself befor you go to MP4, since you will take a little while to adjust to the combat changes >.>

That is, if you haven't gone there yet <.<

How do these mp3's get 500k crit xp without capping on personal?

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[quote name='dwil018' timestamp='1293865444' post='76568']
How do these mp3's get 500k crit xp without capping on personal?
Uh... why did you quote me :?

Anyway... there is a Wish Shop wish that resets your personal experience to 0. MOST who have more than 320K experience at MP3 use this, however as I can attest to its not the only method, just the simplest.

It is also the most wasteful.

The MP4 cap is far more than even ten times that, and the wish can only be used twice. If you feel you really MUST use that wish before going into the big pond of MP5 (where all the best fighting is, you can taste it via alliance if you are lucky), then this is when it will be the most useful as the effect of using the wish twice amounts to using it thirty times at MP3.
However, this said, I personally don't recommend doing this at all. Wishpoints are hard to get in number, and there are far, far better things to spend your hard won Wish Points on such as spells, special abilities, secret access', and items (which can themselves hold spells and many other special abilities not able to be accessed easily by any other means). The Main aspect of this wish that makes it a waste is that at MP5, you can reduce your personal experience quite easily without worrying about the more wasteful and occasionaly risky methods required at lower levels.

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