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Legend Speaker Recruitment


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Legend Speakers are actively recruiting!

We are a neutral Alliance/Guild part of Magic Duel Archive Lands that are looking for creative, but professional, individuals who are looking to seek an active part in the community. As part of the Alliance, we do expect that our members function well as part of a team, participate as much as one can in Alliance run events, and overall participate in helping the Magic Duel community come to life and grow.

Legend Speakers do not chronicle the dry facts and figures like our sister alliance the Archivists, rather our interest lies in the culture and wisdom to be found in the lands, people's stories and what motivates them. We use our Envoy System to get close to each land's culture and people. We also host events such as Story Night, and other events soon to come that are still in the process of being formed.

Please note that acceptance will not be immediate. We will look over your application and make a decision based on that, and upon other things of concern to the Alliance. Please be patient, and PM either Curiose or Fyrd Argentus for any questions or help that you need regarding Legend Speakers.

Currently, our Envoy System is in need of three people closely linked to the following lands:

Lands of the East [Tribunal]
Golemus Golemicarum

In your Application, please state the following:
Age [Active Days]
Alliance and Previous Alliances
Interest [if at all] in being an Envoy, and which land to be affiliated with
A brief history of relevant accomplishments

As an Alliance, we need a wide variety of talents and interests, and we try to use that to not only our benefit, but the MD Realm as a whole. If you state interest in being an Envoy, a PM will be sent to you regarding further information necessary. We request that after said PM, that you please tell us why you would like to be affiliated with that land.

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