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I'm looking for Necromancers within the realm.
Any information on them would be helpfull.
Also If they would contact me that would be an even greater help.
Story summed up: Got reanimated, dunno by who dunno how, put me into a scarecrows body, looking for my past.
Any help would be apreciated.

Thanks in advance

Maftbp your friendly Scarecrow :)

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It is generally not a public theme, sorcery of the dead.

Necrovion seems to be your best lead in general, and there I can't help you.

The "death" of a torch bearer is of a peculiar nature, which Mya Celestia experienced at the hand of Ivorak's item, and may not be what you need ....

I would point out a few items of realm architecture, however....

1) Aramors are soul-less bodies, Barren Souls are bodi-less souls. Assume they were sundered..... Somebody did it..... Were these the Berserkers, who were to fight against Necrovion? And where do tormented souls and soul weavers fit in this equation...?

2) Read the inscription at the bottom of the scene at the Willow, and see if that suggests anything to you...

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i have a couple of avatars which may interest you, i am replying directly to your post here " your friendly Scarecrow "




if you think you may be interested contact me, (NOT if you are an alt)

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