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Resigning From Kingship


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I, Lifeline first king of Marind Bell, hereby officially resign from kingship. I cannot meet the expectations people have. I simply failed and cannot stay king any longer. I will not appoint a new king or ask for one specific person to be considered. I have discussed kingship for Marind Bell in great length with all council members of Marind Bell. I believe they are prepared and I will leave everything in their hands. I hope the other kings will welcome the next king of Marind Bell friendly and cherish the good relationships.

In regards to my character: I have no idea what his future will be or if there even will be any. I failed in kingship and have no hope in succeeding. I am sorry for disappointing those citizen of Marind Bell that want me to stay king but I believe its for the best.

I have handed the full Marind Bell Wishpoint treasury of 100 unused reward codes to the person I trust the most in Marind Bell - Emerald Arcanix. As for the kingship items they are stored on my alt waiting for Mur to take them or the next king...I don't know what else to do with them.

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I am sorry to hear you have chosen to step down.
You know were i am if you want to talk more.
I have always welcomed your in site into the realm of MD.
I do not think you have failed in what your character is and i do hope you
will keep on the track you were on as a researcher

The best of luck in the path you now travel

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It is known that I relatively recently joined Marind Bell, but from the time I was here, I have only words of praise for you, Lifeline.
People mentioned your inactivity, well, people can't be perfect and be here 24/7, but, for me, you held first place in the garniture of kings.
You and Emerald Arcanix were a great positive effect for me to join Marind Bell in the first place.

Whatever path you take, I wish you the best of luck. I hope you will decide to stay in this realm.

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part of me is happy that you are not king anymore, now you are able to find that Seeker of knowledge part of you that was crushed by kingship and you didn't failed, since you joined SoE you have helped the land of MB more then anyone else and you still have a place in MB, do not look at this to be an end but a new beginning, if you find it inside yourself stay in MB so we can preserve its legacy

i will help the new king as best as i can and i will support if he is loyal to the land of MB not only in his words but also in his actions,but until the next king proves himself you are still my king

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I still remember back when i was mp3, there was time when others don't even care to reply mails But u even being a king was kind enough to reply me and helped others noobs when needed the most. Ur military page was very helpfull, those who had read ur military page r luckly ones. iam one amoung those who joined MB cos u were there. My Lord, I would kindly request u not to leave MD, even thou my rank is low to give u advise but still i feel there is lot more that can be done even without having a king Tag.
Kings/queens come and go but King lifeline will remain forever in the hearts of all MB citizens.
The Void left by u Can't never be replaced.

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i can only agree in Tipus opinion.
You were a good king and i dont understand why you think you have failed. i really regret that you resign. You were a King who incorporates military force and philosophy for the best. You really typify Marind Bell.
I do hope to see you as a character in game.
All the best wishes

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I apologize for the long delayed reply. (first internet problems and then tower crashed)

I am proud to know Lifeline. I remember when he protected me in my quest to find the seed ...

At that time I was in awe of his strength. When Lifeline joined Liberty to help protect
me on my journey, I had no doubt I was in the presence of great men. Now with his stepping
down from Kingship I am in awe of his strength of character.

Lifeline; be well my protector. I hope to see you more in game.

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