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Wts Golemus Pass Papers


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I am parting ways with the Golemus Pass Papers in my possesion.

I have message a few leaders in GG and have yet to hear from them.

I bought them for 7 GC and will accept a bid of minimum 7GC.

I will only sell to a citizen of GG but if there are no bidders up till 22 Dec 00:01 Server Time, I will accept any bids from non GG.

Thank you.

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You wasted my possesions with that drach trade, if only I knew you were going to sell GG papers... (going directly to GG sometimes is much easier than the boring labyrinth :P)

If there are no GG bids like you said, will you accept my combined offer of coins and a rusty?

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In the interest of them going into Golemite hands, I will buy them if you get no other Golemites bidding on it by 22 Dec 00:01 Server Time

I have no particular need of them (i have gate access anyway), but would prefer they go to the land, which is why my offer

Note, for emphasis, I will only buy them if no other Golemus bid is acceptable to you, and for the minimum value.

LE: In the event of my purchasing, I would appreciate Golemites reimbursing me (though it isn't a condition), I would be giving it to another Golemite, I will not sell it.

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