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Some drawings by me

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Another one has been taken by drawing fever while wandering through the realm...

I'd like to put into this topic some of the drawings I've done since when I started playing MD. They are two for now, maybe I will add some more in future.
Suggestions and criticism are welcome... Last time I took a pencil in my hand I was no more than 11-12, I think...





Von Ungern-Sternberg

P.S. [s]The first was intended to be my avatar, but I sold it to the shop by mistake. Could you please advise me if you find it? I could try to manage a trade (Even if I do not have much at the moment...).[/s][b]Avatar found, thanks to Zleiphneir[/b].

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Your sketches..are really quite good o.O

Did you scan this or photograph it?

I find it hard to get the contrasts you did that well if I use a scanner, since it will appear as either visible or not. Hard to get such edges like your 2nd shows. The generally different slight shading is also hard- its usually uniform for me.

Though I might say in big it seems a bit rough, I'd definitely say this shows promise.

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Thank you!
I took the picture with a camera. An awful old camera. It distributes light in strange ways, so the effect is accidental...But I think that, in this case, the light falls just in the right place.
Then I enlarged the image and removed the background with the eraser tool in GIMP.

Yes, you're right, it's not too refined. I don't like too much doing the shading. Always afraid to spoil everything. Maybe with some more practice I'll learn...

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Get a scanner! I think you could do some really good work... If you can't get one, try to find some place that has one or a friend or something...

And yes... More shading... I realised that shading can give life to a drawing... I can't do it though... Try... You might be able to... ;)

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