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Selling a Soulweaver!


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age: 30

minimum bid: 3gc

want to sell it before 9/10th cause at that point, I'm leaving on a trip.
If no normal bids till then, the auction expands for after-17th of January

[b][size="7"]Current best bid: Crazy Mike - 3 gold coins 10 silvers[/size][/b]

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am i right in thinking you just bought this for a rusty O.o, dont reply just yet, just finding the right post

Edited by Asterdai
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@Apophys: sorry, I don't accept those in this trade, pimps I don't value much at all (except for using them as quest rewards, and for this trade I'm looking for some profit, TSs I can also acquire for free)


hehe :)

great, we have the first accepted bidder.
I'll update the main (first) post with current best bid

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[quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1294250771' post='76868']
Asterdai, learn the merchant trade and stop asking questions! :)

i dont thnk this comment is at all fair, as You yourself Raven didnt understand the selling of the SW in the other post, so stop trying to put me down!

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