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Artificial Zero


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Yes. Artificial Zero.

The topic comes from a dream that I had, and some information I had come across in my younger years. That information relates to Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming is where you can dream, be awake for that dream, and even maybe manipulate what happens while you're dreaming. The latter happening takes a lot of practice, and A LOT of training to become.. 'lucid' to speak. The information stated something of how to do so, but anyone can do it. You just need to be able to realize when you are dreaming. A lot of engineers like to use this method because while you dream, your entire subconscious is unlocked. Your imagination is no longer on hold, you can create new things, architectures, inventions, anything! The hard part is basically remembering it in the end.

For myself, I constantly have periods where I can clearly see the dream while it is happening. It was only in one dream where I knew I was dreaming, and I told myself that plenty of times. However... this is where the title comes in.

Artificial Zero. I do not remember, but I believe I was speaking philosophically to someone about the placement of zero. What is Zero? A placement, a number? It must have been something locked in my subconscious, otherwise-- why else would it have randomly come up?

So. What are your thoughts on lucid dreaming and "artificial zero?"

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Lucid Dreams:
The following information is what I personally found that works when I was teaching myself to have Lucid Dreams

Let me clear up a common misconception first. Having a lucid dream just means that you are aware that you are dreaming. There are lucid dreams in which you have absolutely no control over what is happening to or around you. Think really bad nightmares ^_^

The easiest way to enter a lucid dream is to fall back asleep almost immediately after waking up. You take a few seconds to reorient yourself to reality and realize that you were sleeping, then fall asleep again. Some people say that it's better to wait longer, even up to an hour, but I find that fast often works better for me. FOCUS ON THE DREAM THAT YOU WERE JUST HAVING, IGNORE RANDOM THOUGHTS. Of course, This is easier said than done, especially when you're the type of person who wakes up and stays awake. The point of this is that when you fall back asleep, you are usually dropped back into whatever dream you've been having, except this time you know you're dreaming because you've been awake.

Some people have had success combining the above method with having their alarm wake them up at unusual times.

Once you realize you're dreaming the hardest part is over. If you know a different way to realize that you're dreaming besides just getting used to what dreams "feel" like, please share because this topic interests me quite a bit :D

After you internalize that you're in a dream after coming out of a dream, you are often able to do whatever you want to to it. Change the "characters" or the setting, play and pause, even rewind. As Curiose said, your imagination is unlocked. However, as stated above you can still be dropped into lucid dreams that you have no control over at all.

Another important step would be keeping a dream journal. As soon as you wake up, write down everything that you remember upon waking no matter how weird it seems.
I have a page here that reads, "Tacos and Finn, in the bahamas. Hippos? Why do dogs sing opera? Linebackers don't tip well."
The sooner you can figure out what you commonly dream about, the easier it is to realize that you're dreaming.

Will add Artificial Zero thoughts later… it's time for bed -_-

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The only time I consciously manipulated a dream is many years ago, when I forcefully woke myself up from it. It was building suspense, and I had a bad feeling about it.

Otherwise, I'm along for the ride, wherever it may go. I'm too lazy to try altering the path.

Sometimes in dreams I realize I'm about to do something that I wouldn't do in real life, for whatever reason. But I think to myself that it's a dream, with no effect on reality, so moral values, safety, etc, don't apply here.

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Lucid dreaming:
Some look for something so badly and yet unawere of it that they manage to switch consciousness with the dream world. Others have meanings that wait for them and can't come out consciously nor by normal dream, that they get to experience a lucid dream without intending to do so. Others smoke or worse :P

Artificial Zero:
Now thats a thing to consider. Zero by nature is artificial. Considering zero is a convention to refer to something unreachable actually, sayin "artificial zero" has more of a dream explenation. I would say in a dream kind of meaning, artificial zero is a realisation, a subconscious discovery. Philosophicaly speaking, artificial zero is an irony.

*oink :P
feed me some corn for that answer

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