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I thought I had posted this as an idea earlier but I can't seem to find the topic so I think I may have just dreamed it.

This idea will assist the resource gathering guilds but the theory could be used for other usable items as well.

A clickable is set up as a storehouse for usable items that is only accessible to characters that have a certain stat value in their resource gathering stat. Any character that logs out (or perhaps idles) has their usable item automatically transfered back to the storehouse to be available to other characters. Characters who try to take an item from the storehouse while already holding an item(s) from the storehouse will cause all storehouse items to be returned to the storehouse and the new item to be transfered to the character's inventory.
-by transfering items back to storehouse at logout or idle should eliminate item hording and lost items due to inactivity

This will ensure that usable items (specifically resource gathering) will be available for guild use without having to be concerned about players who choose to stop logging in while holding usable items necessary to the guild but still allows players who are active and have said resource gathering stat to gain tools. This can allow a guild to have more members than they have tools. It can also allow ex-members of a guild who have built up their resource gathering stat to stage a type of rebellion by taking and holding/using tools. I am uncertain if these special tools should be transferable/have an ITC or should only be available to the person who takes them from the storehouse.
-having a transferable item may mean that people could "sell" an item that will transfer out of the recipients inventory
-being able to transfer items could mean that a one-person rebellion could take and transfer all items away.

I invite your comments/critiques.

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  • Root Admin

Wasnt this idea raised before and Mur said that the reason for them not to be automatically transfered back means that you are not lazy and can work to keep the items moving around your accounts and such? The same as he said to the Kingship items, they should not be just recalled, and if they are lost then you must face some kind of punishment?

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I was not aware that he stated that items shouldn't be recalled. I do remember him saying that if items were lost we had to get them back. Getting an item back from an active player isn't the issue (it may be a problem but not an issue ^_^ ), getting one back from someone who has quit the game is. Is this not a solution to a problem that plagues the game (inactives) while still allowing players to "steal" items? It makes the act of stealing an active thing.

I'm not sure about your laziness comment, was that aimed at the question I raised about transferring items or something else? I tried to formulate an idea that would still allow people/alliances to lose control over their items but not require a coder/item creator to manually add items back into a world that has lost all resource gathering items? Or to put it another way, what good are resources in a world where you can't do anything with them?

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