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The option to nickname your creatures whenever you want after three upgrades.

Only one nickname change per creature. I'd gladly pay a credit for it if it were available in the MDshop.

Anything wrong with it? :P Is it a bad idea in general? eh..

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It's certainly a better option than some certain other extra features. Not mentioning any names here *coughcalendarsearchcough* >>

But what about quantity? How many would be in the shop at one time? A single name change per reset is too little, but 20 is a bit much, so what 5 or 10?

As for it just costing AP, I think that's a bit silly, because if you vote for free credits you could have more than 1 name change per month <<

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I think what he meant was for it to be something you purchased once from the shop, and from that point on for a cost in temporary stats (such as AP, VP, VE, or EXP) you could change its name, with a cooldown for each individual creature of one month, or some other time frame.
I don't know how hard that would be to code, however.

I think a more logical version would be to have say 5 name change tokens in the shop, that when purchased gave you a non-transferable (or possibly even transferable) token, which so long as the game detected you as having at least one you where able to change a creatures name. Although, that said, once again I don't know how easy that would be to code, and I think it would make more sense for the tokens to only be usable, and hence consumed, on creatures that are already at their maximum level (and hence can't have their name changed by any other method)

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