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Ok, here is a couple of things that have bothered me in our advertising and a couple of ideas I had:

1) Colored creature as a logo on Fb and sites doesn't give the MD feel. It just gives an impression of another bb game. If I saw that logo instead of the parchment/charcoal style thing, I'd probably never even click the MD add that brought me here. Also, I don't like the font that says Magic Duel in those adds for some reason. But those just might be personal preferences.

Also, maybe creating more than one registration page... The one with the SW is nice, but I'd like to see one with a Drachorn, one with a Sharptear and one with an Angien maybe... With different color patterns...

2) A fb group is nice, but I had an idea of making a fb app that would maybe have a part of the story mode (the part that Mur wants to use as a filter for example) or The Broken Pattern Gazebo, and when people finish it, it could link to MD, with a flashy animation that writes out Continue Your Adventure in golden letters or something like that. And if it was the BP gazebo, there could be a special referal activated when they do click to register, which would automatically give them a WP or something like that.
(This could also be a creature simulation, with a random pool of creatures... With a fight your friends type of option and an invitation system)

Now, I have no idea how hard it is to make a FB app or if they charge it, or if you link everything from your own server... So those things could all work against the idea.

3) Creation of banners. I was thinking of creating a couple of MD themed signatures/banners, and having a page somewhere that allows players to just copy an embed code for forums or their site of the banner or signature they have chosen.
And that picture would have the referral registration link embedded in it.

4)Making MD videos with different music genres... Jazz, Blues, etc, including the song in the description, to get more views, thus gaining a higher place in the search... Also, using music from different countries...
And making a lot of shorter videos instead of less longer videos.

5)Including people in advertisement even though they are not a part of the guild and rewarding them with credits/creatures.
For creation of videos, banners, writing objective reviews, etc. Nothing too fancy... Just a symbolic reward.

6) To be continued...

I know I've angered some of you with this post, but I had the best intentions in mind.

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