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Mith's trade thread


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In order to be organized, I'd rather create one thread that I could refer to other people instead of making multiple things, as well as other factors that may come soon, I've decided I'll make this my personal trade thread.

so, onto the wares and wants:

*One Loreroot archer, with a few tokens that boost power, attack and initiative.
-Age and exp negligible.

none for the mo'

none for the mo'

Other stuff:
Recent Price Checks, complete.

Trade rates:
1GC= 15sc
1 Credit = 2 sc
1 token = 1~2sc, depending on usefulness

donations also welcome. :P

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Major OP update.

to any mod who'd get the chance to see this,
please change title to: Mith's trade thread or anything similar. :P
and leave the subtitle blank.

Thanks very much. :)

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but chew, most of the time (or at least, while the thread's active), I'll be doing simultaneous stuff.

if you wish, the mod could put WTS/WTB/WTT in the subtitles area instead of leaving it blank.

EDIT: Thanks for the edit! :D

Edited by Mith
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