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Dojo - History of the Sparring Grounds

Fyrd Argentus

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[u]*Burns*: [/u]Long, long time ago, a sweet girl named Calyx of Isis found this place suited as her 'Dojo'.
Back then, most people actually were at Willow's to fight people. And she didn't like it much, so put up this place as half-sanctuary for people to train fighting.
It was intended that nobody attacked anybody here, unless for genuine sparring fights, and healing.
She got some people who helped her, etc. etc.
In the end, it was a pretty nice place to be, little fighting groups here and there, people actually learned something, and then left to explore the world.
For various reasons that don't play a big role here, Calyx left, and the remnants of her dojo didn't work without her.
After a while, some people got pretty expansive powers to protect the dojo, and it was shut down due to peer pressure.
We actually didn't like that people got such powers to enforce a community project. Not at all.
Well, basically, we've hit on the guards until they left. :))
We can cope with authority and minor punishments, but there was actually somebody who sent somebody to jail about attacking in dojo.
And not somebody with experience in such matters, either.
Shadowseeker refreshed the idea and wanted to use his experience with powers to make it better.
He got improved rules, which are practically the ones on the signpost, and some people who supported him. The idea was to not use LHO powers or something, but the ones everybody could gain to drive offenders out.
[u]*Shadowseeker*: [/u]The improved rules also cut the MP5 out, which originally were included. (which was a major reason for dissent and trouble as well)
[u]*Burns*: [/u]Seekers idea found a lot more support amongst veterans because, unlike Dojo, he wasn't dependent on Mur's will to give out ban spells and such.
He found a nice middle between open fighting and protection everybody could live with.
Shadow got really fed up with that, because everybody complained about attackers behind his back, but nobody EVER reported one to him.
So he gave up on it and left all of it to itself. That's what you got today
He even stopped refreshing the rule-page, which he wrote himself originally, i just incorporated a copy on the signpost for reference.
There, that's how much work it is. List of offenders, created.
The rest is up to you, go organize yourselves...

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It's late and St. Patrick's, yeah, but don't dare to think my mind is jumpy like that already, no!

The places where sentences don't seem to connect are more or less altered versions of the ones i wanted to use because somebody asked something in between...

That's totally unrelated to the green beer... <.<

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