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Ideas on Kyphis topic


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Since he didnt even provide a a decent 3 point scale (always use odd points, gives people neutral ground) i have gone and made a topic to discuss it. And its rather poor form to allow people just to vote, than let others suggest a better way vp could be used and such.

Vp for me is only really used when i need to get out of a VP hole when training, and it doesnt usually last long because of the large amount of value points you can attain all at once.

Adding a vp limit for some, merely means that you are limiting certain things to grinders who have worked on their VP massively, or someone who gets a burst and gets a tonn of tempory VP. I dont really think this would effect the game at all, since the second one is so easy, people will just do that.

I wonder what your thoughts are on my idea of your topic Kyhpis.

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First, due to its nature of just seeing what peoples opinion of that idea is, the only information it is interested in is Yes or No. Hence why those are the only options. That said, there is also the option to just see the results, so congratulations Chewett, you have your 3 points.

Secondly, it is poll only topic because I did not see any reason for there to be offtopic discussion in it. Since it is just a topic to gauge whether people like the idea or not, I am not all that interested in other applications being discussed in that topic. As I stated, if there was a lot of strong opinion I would start a discussion on it myself. At current, with only 15 people having voted and a full 5th of that choosing your missing 3rd option, there is no point to a discussion as people don't care about it.

3rdly, there has been no discussion about values at all. As I said, if there was interest in this idea, I would begin the topic for discussion myself. The most likely outcome would be VP costs of no more than 5K. The point is not to make things so that you have to grind to get them, but so that VP actually continues to have a long term relevance to high end players. Currently all it does is MAYBE slow down upgrading a lot of creatures at once, and even then your more likely to run into AP limit than VP limit.

4thly, you get VE and AP from bursts, not VP.

If you want to spout BS about poor form, at least ask in private before making your post, or do you have double standards about who has to ask who for information?

I would [i]appreciate[/i] it if you closed this topic and left your commenting on this business for when it reaches a stage that commenting is necessary, instead of just butting in.

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Actually, that's wrong, Kyphis. You can get roughly infinite VP by fighting, easiest by a burst, but other means would do, too.

Name any number under 5.000.000, I'll get you a screenie of me having it (+/- 50k) as VP :))

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I was referring to specifically as a product of the burst itself, ie if I activate a burst I will gain X times my VE and X AP (I know the values, but I also know that for some reason the specifics of Bursts is considered spoiler, so I won't post them here)

You can certainly get VP from taking someone elses bursts, which is ironically easier than getting a burst most of the time.

[s](That all said, I'm going to double check this as it has been a while since I last activated a burst, even though I have activated over 1000 of them >.>)[/s] Verified

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