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Problem with Notebook

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I had a few problems with the Notebook.

1. It won't save what I put in the folder "Reward codes" (or it will save part of what I put there).
Is that a special folder that will not accept any random text

2. I have lost some information in the folder "Things to do".
It was quite occupied (I have so many things to do... and I used it to store some long answers to pending quests). It is very possible that I made a mistake and erased something without noticing.
My question is just: is there a size limitation in what I can save there, that I may have broken?

Thanks for any help.

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First off, a few questions:

1. Have you been able to store information in these before?

If so, have you recently updated your browser? Or are you using a different browser?

2. I'm not aware of any limitations, but if there are some, they are incredibly high, because I have put some large ammounts of text in mine before, so the question is, are you putting anything besides text in there? Large images perhaps?

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Thanks Vicarious!

1. I had never tried to store anything in "Reward Codes" folder before. I have used the other folder with no problem.
I am using Firefox and it's updated constantly. I will try using something else to check.

2. Only text. What you are saying makes me believe that the loss of information is probably a mistake on my side. I will just look into the "Reward Codes" thingy.

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There are limitations on all docs (Notepad included) and it is incredibly high, if you want anything more accurate than "big" find IaB and ask him, he hit it a couple times I believe

Check what time you save it, pretty sure there's issues if you save it after hour end

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