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WTB Special IDs


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As the title says, I want to buy creatures with an ID that appears special.

Examples: 500000, 600000, 666666, etc.

I reserve the right not to buy obviously, but my offers will all be in coin. I might have a shade (tutorial) for an ID that is interesting enough, but I'd prefer to receive a few coins in addition to just the creature in that case. If it's a really rare creat you have with that ID, I'll consider another arrangement.

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Impy 661166 (would hardly sell it, it is my favorite imp... but make an offer, who knows =)

Tsk. Since you do want more, I'll just offer..5sc. I'm certainly not going to pay a royalty now, I am not THAT rich on coins right now.

And Maebius, too bad...if it had been 705070, I'd have bought it. Yours, no.

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You should mention tokens earlier, but alas, no then.

ID:695685 may I know what that is, Sunfire?

And sasha, sorry, but that one, no.

Edit: I know this does sound a bit random, but I have a system for this.

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