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A Festive Computus to you! :)


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That strange shifty day celebrated by many in the western world.

Well, in case you needed to [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computus"]calculate it yourself[/url]…

((19*t+u-w-(u-(u+8)\25)+1)\3)+15)mod30)+(32+2*x+2*y-(19*t+u-w- (u-(u+8)\25)+1)\3)+15)mod30)-z)mod7)-7*(t+11*(19*t+u-w(u- (u+8)\25)+1)\3)+15)mod30)+22*(32+2*x+2*y-(19*t+u-w-(u- (u+8)\25)+1)\3)+15)mod30)-g)mod7)+114)\31

Happy Easter!

also, for you non-anglo-christian inclined readers, if ye be reading:

Happy Purim (Jewish holiday)

Narouz (Persian New Year)

Eid Milad an Nabi, (Happy Birthday Prophet Muhammad) :)

Small Holi, (Hindu Festival of Colours)

Magha Puja ( Buddhist “Fourfold Assembly” day)


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[quote name='awiiya' timestamp='1301942064' post='81834']
I think you are off a year? Easter last year was on April 4th (in the Catholic church and I believe most others), this year it is on the 24th.


Hmm, I blame my new job, and now being on night-shift. Had my wife convinced it was Easter this weekend too. So.. Double Candy for us this year! Woo.


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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1302019896' post='81911']
Its rather ironic how you mention "calculating it yourself" and then get the date wrong.

Yep. I'll take the rap for it. I did actually calculate things using a calendar I grabbed, and ..er... as stated above, was off by a year. Life's been rather hectic lately with layoffs and shifting schedules lately. Oops!
Honest mistake. I should have shown my work, for at least partial credit. :unsure::blush:

Please close, lock and totally obliterate this thread if you so wish.

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