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Activeness indicator in the realm.

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There it is, my first topic here :cool:

And it brings an idea, that occurred me while drinking my tea with the fellow at the Gazeebo of Equilibrium during the last Trophy Head Contest.

There was a newcomer, who was really puzzled what are all those people doing there, aside chatting. We tried to explain what was going on, but I suspect he failed to completely understand. And from this that idea stroke me :)

Is there a way to implement some kind of indicators for the ongoing fights between MP3/4/5s and the alliances for each location. It should be animated in order to draw more attention, I guess...

There could be some kind of a background sound like "crossing blades", "crushing bones" and similar like that, dependant on the rate of fighting ([i]of course with the option to dismiss them)[/i].

I am not sure if something like this was proposed before, so if it was please excuse me.

Truly ours for the critics ^_^


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Its interest and I have played allot with the idea in my mind. Problem being is although there is activity fights although animated to use for entertainment actually only take less than a quarter second to be calculated meaning the symbol would have to be prolonged. What your suggesting seems a little too um obstructive. If anything there should only be an icon in the top left of the screen that shows the number of fights say in the last 10 minutes or what ever.
I am also sort of worried about latency. I personally have few problems with it but I know there are some people that complain about it at particular high activity times.

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Not sure about that Pip, but don't you think that a newbie is yet to get familiar with the Shop?

Kamisha's addition is good about the "last fights in the past 10 mins"
My idea is about 3-4 small icons just above the current screen picture, instead animated they can glow differently depending on the resent activity, and including the number of fights somewhere inside them.

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