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Symbolism and Subtlety


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This thread should begin with a little back-story first. So, I was participating in the Heads Contest recently at the Gazebo of Equilibrium. I say participating because it really was no contest, but that's another topic. I was holding my standing as second when Ravenstrider began opening and closing a portal in the gazebo. When I inquired into the matter, he told me that it was just a matter of clicking in the right sequence. At his mention of opening a portal with a series of clicks, I began to recall my recent visit to Golemus.

The Pillars of Harmony seemed to have a similar purpose as the Gazebo of Equilibrium. This brought me to a realization: the meaning and value of almost every location in Magic Duel grows depending on a player's experience and willingness to explore their surroundings and ask around. Even beginning quests such as Berserker's Challenge lead up to this process of unlocking areas to explore them. On a deeper level, the same can be said with the symbolism in Magic Duel, most notably areas such as the Tribunal Lands which were built around loose concepts such as numerology and subtle symbolism.

This same idea, of instilling deeper meanings and uses, can be seen even in the opening area of the game, the Paper Cabin. It states that it will always have a use, whether you are a new player or the oldest veteran. Other elements of MD, such as its' objects, items, etc. have a value that can only be truly appreciated once a player has used them several times. This applies not only to more noticeable items, such as the fountain of dark vibrations, but also to seemingly useless items such as a rock near a gazebo, a stair, or a scenic object such as a fountain or well.

Sorry to rant, but what I really want is to hear each and every player opinion and experience that they are willing to share, so tell it. Young or old, each player has their own experiences and opinions for this subject. (sorry for the long post, hope it wasn't too boring :)

edit: changed it, I feel so dumb. I can't tab though...

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the wall of text burnt my eyes out, adde some paragraphs
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