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While working on Darigan's guestbook today i noticed severe differences in the functions an item fulfills depending on whether you are in the coder's screen (after you click save&compile as person coding the stuffs) and the viewer's screen (where everybody else has access to read the things on it). For example, a plain and simple button structure wouldn't do the trick on the coder's view, which kinda drove me nuts while testing, because i knew the button was right and still didn't do what it was supposed to do... It did the stuff on the viewer's screen, though.
I also noticed that the storage contains different things for coder and viewer, another part that drove me nuts... the array i tested with contained 3 names just fine while i was coding it, and when i tried to view it, they were gone again.

No clue if that's intentional or not, but i just wanted to warn you guys in case you haven't experienced it yet... the contents of the items you do can be very different depending on if you view the compiled code in editor or if you look at it in the 'normal' view, and some functions can only be used while you're in the viewer's point.

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Yeah, iv been bugging mur to make it a little more standardized, i had a list of issues he needed to fix, but im not entirely sure if he has lost it :D

The storage being different is an intresting one i hadnt seen, Are you using aoau?

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