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WTS Imperial Aramors(x2) and WTB something


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As the subject says, I am selling two freshly earned Imperial Aramors.
ID:717096 & ID:717074 (no Heat and only a few days Age for the oldest)

Also, I'm sure it's a long-shot, but would anyone have [b]creature ID: 208870 [/b]
(alternately, creature ID 211203;)
I probably can not yet afford such an aged thing, but I'm curious if it exists and 'what' creature it is. (Them's my UserIDs. :rolleyes: )

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[quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1302916861' post='82826']
3 silver for one

PM sent to Pipstickz. Note: "Maebius" is not the character who has this, per my PM, but Gort doesn't have a forum account, so please do not send silver to the maebius character. Thanks

I had a PM for 3 silvers as well from a source who wished to remain unmentioned.

Care to revise any bids, Chewie? Otherwise, I'll send the CTC string off in a day or so, via PM.
Hope they bring you luck and success in your adventures.

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In the interest of time, I sent you two a CTC each for the Aramors.

Chewett & Pipstickz - one each.

Note: as I explained in the PM, it's Gort who's selling them, not "Maebius", so please hold your coins for after the celebration if you want, since Gort's in the MDP, and nowhere near Tribunal lands currently (nor do I plan to move there with her).

Auction Completed!

PS: I'd still be interested to know if anyone has the creature IDs listed in the original post (my character IDs).

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