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On chaos and life

Muratus del Mur

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let me know what you think on this idea:

Possible connection between beginning of the universe, chaos (greek mythology) and life: Random order means chaos, ordered randomness means life, life comes at the end of the cycle to counterbalance the beginning.

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I understand that if you have a random organization, you have something existing. Considering the Chaos from greek mythology, you are considering the god that gave origin to everything.

From what I understand giving birth to everything that exist is not the same of being the things you created. So, if the things created are organized or not, this is a condition that is there after the Chaos creation, so is much more something about the Cosmos than with the Chaos itself.

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So let's see...

Random order can be chaotic/destructive while ordered randomness is controlled in a way that you can handle it because you "expected" it but then life begins to fill the void.

Not sure if my opinion actually makes sense though.
Even I had a hard time thinking it up myself.

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world's greatest minds all over history couldn't answer that question for sure yet, about beginning...

For myself, the very existence is illogical.
I cannot accept that something is timeless, that time doesn't have a beginning, yet at the same time it CAN'T have a beginning (cause if it did, a question "what happened BEFORE beginning would result immediately).
Maybe I don't have enough of kilometrage, maybe I don't have the capacity to understand, whatever it is, existence is illogical to me on grand scales.

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from a philosophical point of view.

"Chaos begets more chaos and nothing more." One of my favorite lines of BS. If we use the Big Bang Theory (which there are several of) as a base, the thought is that there is basic nothingness floating around multiple universes. Then "one day" two nothingness's collide and form a black hole. Then it consumes everything, the entire universe, until the void is so great that the black hole explodes. Thus, creating the "heavens and the earth". Chaos in its truest nature. Yet there is no life, no plants, just solid barren rock. If we assume the ideal that there is no greater being where does "life" come from? "That without explanation or reason is Chaos". SO therefore life itself is born from Chaos. We live our meaningless lives out scrambling like ants to obtain things, horde them as treasures, and then die. No reason or explanation why we have the urges we have, only the deep desire within us that drives us. Death itself is Chaos. It takes indiscriminately, often times those who we feel still have purpose of life left to be. It wipes out whole populations without batting an eye and leave chaos and destruction in its path.

Now for the kicker. If we believe that in turn the Chaos 'organized' all of this in a pattern far beyond our comprehension, then Chaos takes form of something. In turn Chaos IS God. Therefore there is no such thing as Chaos, as it is a patter of reason, just reason we don't understand. Or is there?????....... TO be, or not to be....that is chaos

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It's not only the greeks with that kind of creation theory, also the chinese as far as i know, the norse, etc...

Life to me seems to be a station- of expanding complexity, until it collapses because it reached too far. It's a process that builds on every step before and those still ahead of it.

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