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Muratus del Mur

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[b]Below are the 12 people i selected based on their lines. What can i say, i enjoyed reading all lines, some are VERY funny :))
Sorry for the delay however and that it wasn't an ingame awarding ceremony. I won't be around much (not chatting or in-game i mean) for a couple of days so better not delay your awards. The Aramors you will receive from Curiose.[/b]

- you threaten your sister to excommunicate her from Marind Bell if she doesnt wash your dishes >:) because you are busy with MagicDuel
and have no time for dishes. "Wash this or rot in prison!"

Revenstrider: 194753
- You know you’ve been on MD too much if you start screaming like a little girl when you're in bed with your girlfriend and she asks you "Want to play a game?"

cutler121 92398
You know you’ve been on MD too much when the sound of a car door closing makes you look around for your computer to see who just attacked you.

TTL 209391
You know you've been on MD too much when your girlfriend asks you if you have a condom and you reply:
Yea, but i dont have a silver to rent the sunny bedroom...

xriegg 208902
- You know you’ve been on MD too much when MD access is the only parameter you care about when discussing vacation plans with your family
- You know you’ve been on MD too much when you look into the mirror and wonder who accepted this low quality avy.

dst 17096
-your annual evaluation contains things like: "games addicted" while the only game you play is MD

Amoran K Kol 87285
-You stop in the middle of your daily walk to wait for the regen timer to reload.

Sunfire 197614
- you ve been on MD too much when you start attacking idling people in parks

ZeratulEx 177115
- While feeding your cat during the day, you calculate how much age and won battles it needs for the next upgrade

- You know you’ve been on MD too much when you hear Judas sold Jesus out for 30 silver and you think he won't even get an aged SW for that....

duxie 208462
- you catch yourself thinking about sons age and how long it will take to upgrade him.
- you notice that the sun IS moving

Ratbert 198665
- your girl(s) asked when are you available for a date ... your answer is 12th or 24th because of the Tranquility Day ... and of course .. after you finish clicking the free credit links

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