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honor tweak suggestion


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since this is just my suggestion and not totally a new idea, i dont know if it belong to the Idea board, so i put it here instead.

these are only examples, just assume all names here are nonallied:

MRI: win 1500 / lose 1500
AmberRune: win 2500 / lose 2500

now the situations (based on nondamage battle. honor value are not accurate, just want to point out the positive and negative state of value):

MRI vs AmberRune: MRI win : MRI get 0 honor while AmberRune get -1 honor
MRI lose:MRI get 0 honor while AmberRune get 0 honor

AmberRune vs MRI: AmberRune win: AmberRune get 0 honor while MRI get 0 honor
AmberRune lose: AmberRune get -1 honor while MRI get 0 honor

then Pothos who move to mp5 with 2600 wins / 2000 loses, will absolutely become huge target since MRI and AmberRune will get nice honor out of the fight against Pothos. those 600 losses that Pothos need just to get balanced so he/she can stop getting negative honor when attacking MRI and AmberRune will surely drain his/her current honor, probably deep into negative side. not only that, defending against other mp5 with lower win counts will give Pothos negative honor as well.

bottom line is, at the moment, someone are at disadvantage if they got huge number of win counts when they're defending whether they're balanced or not. so, what i want to suggest is, when the win/lose ratio is the same for both attacker and defender:
1) ones shouldnt get negative honor when defending against others that have lower win counts
2) ones shouldnt get negative honor when they attack and lose against others that have lower win counts

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Remind me what is the inconvenience here ?

Edit: I will use "Pothos" as example just to follow the story, so, it just as example.

"Pothos" gets one negative-honor for each lose ? so what ?

Do note that "Pothos" looks like a "honor farm".
Such "honor farms" have few purposes in this game and getting negative-honor should not restrict any of those.

But if he is not a "honor farm", then losing 1000 - 2000 honor for the same amount of loses is nothing, it will still keep you above 0.

What I think is that "Pothos" is not the issue. The issue should come from the limitation negative-honor (less then -500) when theoretically you should not get stats / wins / loses (correct me if I'm not up to date).

Being [b][u]a normal player[/u] would never raise issues with such small amounts of negative-honor[/b] and therefor [b]THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE[/b].

PS: I just noticed an interesting choice in characters: MRI ( "MRI that got jailed for alt abuse" ), "Pothos" (grown honor farm)and ... Kamate ("Jailed without actual fault, because his fate was bound to MRI").

I wonder what's the relation between these 3 and AmberRune.

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