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I admit it may seem rushed to ask about this, but so be it.

Are there any people with over 100AD willing to be my adepts? What I desire is at least one day (as you may guess it also has something to do with maxing my creatures for BHC), but if enough people willingly tell me they'd like to see me as a MP6, I would follow up and promise to stay as long as I can.

I apologize to all the protectors whose adepts I might be stealing from in advance.

If you do not wish to tell so in public, feel free to PM me here/ingame, YM me.

I thank you in advance, this I say to every adept who tells me he is willing to stay with me. As we are speaking I am working on getting capped- if I join BHC I shall be capped anyways.

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You mean for the WAA?

If I decide to pay them, yes, 1 silver per. Those who do not do if for coins though I will be more willing to help with a request, be it a question or something else.

I find it amusing how the adepts can be split into several factions as of now.

Perhaps I'll just ignore BHC and hang up combat somewhere else to get back to my research anyways, it is more interesting to me right now.

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[quote name='Mood panel']
[b]*Shadowseeker*[/b] - [i]Should I abuse alts instead? Anyone who is willing to help for a day? [url="topic/9632-active-adepts/"][img]http://magicduel.com/img/skin/default/link.jpg[/img][/url][/i]

I find this statement appalling. Would you really do that?

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That is in return to all the hostility I get from some for trying to be mp6- because apparently they clearly want me to do so or just never max my creats, or waste WP like mad for creats that fulfill all other requirements already, and not "steal" the precious adepts.

Edit: Obviously it came off wrong, but I never was known for a great sense of humor. I'll edit my comment now.It was supposed to be sarcastic.

Edited by Shadowseeker
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I whant to say just one thing:
It is ridiculous the changes on MD, now to have a simple lvl 5 Chaos Archer you need to be MP6?
Instead I prefer sac it, no matter how many tokens it have before I did it.
Now when/if I need to w8 AGES to see a angien hatch from egg, get thousands wins, and at some point see that I cant max it because a ridiculous requirement to be MP6?
also to my drachs that cost ALOT of $ to buy them if cant max them, I think will quit MD.
and if everyone do that will not have many players to be adept to who need be Mp6 just for one day to max a crit.
and maybe NICE changes come to MD, to have more active players, not just thousands of new players that just log in and quit :(

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