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As trading for credits seems to be legal (http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9281-stopping-buying-things-with-credits) non-paying players are handicapped - also paying members with massive balance accumulated by high regular contributions. I suggest implementing new feature - balance transfer to send specified number of credits between players' accounts. To prevent massive alt abuses it would be activated deep in extra features section and all regular alt checks for transactions would apply. Please comment

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Not a big fan of that suggestion.
I understood that trading for credits was allowed mainly because it couldn't be effectively forbidden... not a reason to favour that through credit transfers between accounts... and thus make cheating easier for those who like to cheat.
And yes paying players have an advantage there... So what? They pay to ahve an advantage anyhow.

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  • Root Admin

People have suggested it in the past, previously you could ask for credits to be transfered and they would be, but the current stance is trading credits between accounts wont be done.

And no, i dont like the idea. It merely allows more forms of abuse, which can happen no matter what checks you have.

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If you want to trade credits, what you must do is trade NEW credits/codes. Those on account are the ones that can't be accessed.

MD needs money - it is better for the game that if I want to give somebody credits, I have to pony up more money....

Remember, more money means a return to more advertising, which means more new players....

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