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WTS all my creatures...


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So I havent been playing for a while...
And being pulled into the game again because somebody wanted my drachs... :-P (and a little more)
Made me realise I wanted to start over with the creatures...
So know im selling all the creatures I have left after my rare creatures sale...
So nothing rare is here...
But if you want them here is the list...

[s]Chaos Archer age 833 (1sc Grido)[/s]
[s]Majestic Winderwild age 786 (3sc shadowseeker)[/s]
Water Daimon III age 768 (2sc maebius)
[s]Knator War master age 764 (7sc (Zl-eye-f)-nea)[/s]
[s]Master Lorerootian age 764[/s]
[s]Imperial aramor warrior age 716 (3.75 kyphis)[/s]
[s]Walking tree age 743 (7sc (Zl-eye-f)-nea )[/s]
[s]Unholy Priest II age 723 (10sc (Zl-eye-f)-nea)[/s]
[s]aramor assassin age 718 (3.75sc Kyphis)[/s]
[s]hollow warrior age 718 (3sc chewett)[/s]
[s]Angien sentinel age III 715 (2,5sc Paracelsus)[/s]
[s]Angien age 713 (3sc Shadowseeker)[/s]
[s]Angien age 713 (3sc Shadowseeker)[/s]
[s]Tormented soul age 538 (5sc Dragonrider)[/s]
[s]Pimped Grasan age 520 (2sc Lone wulf pup)[/s]
[s]Pimped Grasan age 520 (2sc Lone wulf pup)[/s]
[s]Angien egg age 518[/s]
Angien egg age 493
[s]Aramor assasin age 485 (3.75 kyphis)[/s]
Angien egg age 483
Angien egg age 480
Angien egg age 456
Angien egg age 488
[s]Angien egg age 433[/s]
[s]Imperial Aramor age 318 (3.75 kyphis)[/s]

Will be selling them in a couple of days, so highest bidder on them wins... ^^ (If anyone wanna bid more than one sc at all) xD
I will only take bids on them individually... (You can still bid on more than one in a post)
Giving people a chance to get the once they want but not all of them if they dont want...
All other offers will be ignored... And only coins... :P

Oh... And what ever is left will be given away to Someone I find... :P

Edit: Updated the bids with bids who followed the rules.

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[quote name='JacoAnd' timestamp='1305766933' post='84609']
Imperial aramor warrior age 716
aramor assassin age 718
Aramor assasin age 485
Imperial Aramor age 318
1 gold for these four (also known as 3.75 silver each, to abide by your bidding rules)

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1305783823' post='84631']
If you mind me asking- is there any particularly low ID, or symmetric, like 342342m or 342243?

402679', '446555', '465228', '468647', '468653', '486123', '486862', '500010', '503166', '503167', '505713', '507571', '508037', '589932', '600206', '600209', '601060', '611491', '613646', '614284', '614359', '620738', '622982', '626110', '652142'

Is the ID´s of the creatures...
And it should be in the same order as I have listed the creatures in the first post... ^^

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