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WTS Various - gg, tainted included


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I have a lot of alts. I have creatures on my alts. I want to redistribute some of them so they can be put to better use.

This sale will be up for a bit over a week, ending on Sunday 29th (end of). Bids must be up for 48h with no higher bids to count, this may result in an extension to the auction length to allow the 48h on later bids.

After bidding has concluded you must find me online in game (likely Paper Cabin), or yim actually, I will then log into the account the creature is associated with, and the coins should be sent to them. I will tell you the name of the respective accounts when you find me. The Coins should NOT go directly to me.

All creatures have 148 age and 0xp as of the time of this post. None have any tokens.

All bids should be per individual creature, for obvious reasons, and should be in coins.

All bidding is now closed

The below is final, if you are on this list, you must find me (probably in Paper Cabin, invite me to the roof) to arrange the trade, to reiterate, do not send me coins, they must be sent to the alt.
[s]BloodPact == CTC695194ATIMC41MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=9SC - TTL[/color][/s] PAID
[s]GG Drachorn == CTC695208KRSHM19MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=13GC - Clock Master[/color][/s] PAID
[s]GG Drachorn == CTC695302TEMUF75MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=13GC - Sasha Lilias[/color][/s] PAID
[s]Imp Aramor == CTC695357LASHH46MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=2SC - lone wolf pup[/color][/s] PAID
[s]Pimped Grassan == CTC695380TEIMW46MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=3SC - Mighty Pirate[/color] [/s]PAID
[s]Pimped Grassan == CTC695379TEIMF55MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=2SC - TTL[/color][/s] PAID
[s]Pimped Grassan == CTC695364VIJOW28MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid-1SC - xrieg[/color][/s] PAID
[s]Pimped Grassan == CTC695292RONAK91MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=1SC - Passant the weak[/color][/s] PAID
[s]Shade Tutorial == CTC695374KRVIF78MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=8GC - Mighty Pirate[/color][/s] PAID
Shop Joker == CTC695382FEUMX87MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=1SC - Chrispr[/color]
[s]Shop Joker == CTC695075ZRADP93MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=1SC - Sunfire[/color][/s][color="#ff0000"] [color="#000000"]PAID[/color][/color][s]
Shop Joker == CTC695099TERUM73MDC [/s][color="#ff0000"][s]Bid=1SC - Sunfire[/s][color="#000000"] PAID[/color]
[/color][s]Soulweaver == CTC695092LIERH61MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=3GC - Paracelsus[/color][/s] PAID
[color="#ff0000"][color="#000000"][s]Soulweaver == CTC695201ZRLAF18MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=2GC, 10SC - lone wolf pup[/color][/s] PAID
Soulweaver == CTC695369AXNAZ45MDC [/color][color="#ff0000"]Bid=3GC - Sasha Lilias[/color][/color] [s]
Tainted Angien == CTC695366TAARW35MDC [color="#ff0000"]Bid=23GC - Zleiphneir[/color][/s] PAID


If you wish to sell creatures to me, that you may use the coins to purchase these creatures, please state what they are (all appropriate specifics) and how much you'd like for it. I am not interested in any recruitable creatures (aside from the GG Drach).

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2 gc 6 sc for one of the soulweavers - 18MDC
1 sc for one of the pimps - 55MDC

Edit: added CTC number extensions for clarification

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If you withdraw the bid on the imp, you withdraw all bids and I will never trade anything with you again. Not even the smallest thing.

Otherwise if you make a bid, you should expect to keep it. I don't like mess-arounds in trading.

Please let me know your choice.

LE: Appreciate the update pup

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