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Selling Rein, Santa and Tainted Angien!


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Reindrach - Age 147 as of today Day: 146 Year: 6
- No tokens
- Stored Heat 824456

Only coins.

1 week duration (more or less depending on the price).

Bid away!

LE: Starting price: 10 Gold coins!
LLE: And now selling Santa as well! 161 days. It's on an alt so I expect the money on that alt.
LLLE: Reserve set on Santa: 3GCs

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That reindrach would complete my set of three, so I would like to buy it, the only problem is that at the moment I only have 9 gold coins. Even though you said coins only, I was wondering if you might accept credits for the remainder. Also, part of that nine is on a trade that hasn't yet been completed, but I have many prospective buyers for the soulweaver. Anyways, if you get a better offer, feel free to ignore this, but if you're willing to work with me I'd appreciate it.

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Since Chewy said in another topic that we are abusing Christmas Tree's gifts, I would like to say something: Santa was bough from Shop and the coins I will get for it (btw:not selling if the price is too low) will go to the Grido to give to the LHOs (I might be not a good LHO but I sure know that the job is quite a tough one).

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So, this week-end I will close the deal on Rein (and/or Santa). Not sooner cause I don't have too much time available to play.

With this occasion I wish to announce the following:

Selling Tainted Angien -164 age as of today day 157! I am selling for [b][b][u]credits[/u][/b][/b]. Bid ends when I think the price is enough.
Starting from 20 credits.

Buying morphs! All kind of morphs!

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